wedding wednesday - 31 days!!!!!!!

holy rusted metal batman!
We have 30 days until the wedding.
these weeks just keep flying by........
pretty soon we will be two weeks then just one.
it's so weird to think this will all be over soon.
I have enjoyed all that has gone into it.
I could've done without some of the drama but I guess you have to go through it to come out better right?
So I am ridiculously excited as things are all falling into place and it really appears as though we might actually pull this off!
that blows me away.
We've gotten back the majority of our RSVP's back so the guest list is looking pretty tight.
Still updating it daily as they trickle in and people confirm.
It's funny to me how some  people forgot to write in their names and others put the card in an envelope not realizing there was a stamp.
As long as we get it back - no worries friends!
So this weekend - well it was supposed to be a crafting weekend but as you may know the USA won their group in the World Cup today so we have to re-schedule as my super crafting friend Rachel will be hosting folks in her home for that.
Sucks for me but Go USA!!!
so I will be attempting to craft this
or something close to it on my own.
pray for me y'all!
I'm also ordering ALL the candy for the buffet bar, the flowers for the pomanders and the centerpieces on Saturday as well.
I. am. so. excited!
I have this wonderful friend who has been a WHIZ at researching things/pricing all my 'extras' out for me.
Stayed within and under budget on all items, printed or screen shot me images and what not.
She is A-MAZING y'all.
But of course she is - she's a FIDM Beauty Babe!
This kind of makes it even more "real" - once this stuff finally starts rolling in ; my house is really going to look like "wedding central".
I already started packing for my honeymoon. 
Yes - you read that right.
30 days in advance.
sure did. 
For one simple reason: when it comes to packing and deciding what to wear I am terribly indecisive and have learned over the years it's best to start early.
So I laid out all the bathing suits I want to wear and pulled out my cover-ups and what not.
Next thing will be to figure out the shoe situation- yikes!

Sidebar - so all this wedding planning has been so fun I kind of don't want to stop!
I've been toying with the idea of starting some kind of wedding planning business.
I mean - tons of people have asked if I would make them invitations, I have  ALL these resources at my fingertips, know a ton of photographers and happen to be a makeup artist myself......
seems like a good idea in theory.

what do y'all think?


  1. Being in the wedding biz sounds so fun. You get to be around people at the happiest times of their lives, all the time! I think that would be fun. I don't think I could deal with the bridezillas though, and that's always a risk you run I suppose.

  2. I have an antique costume broach that looks like the one pictured... do you want it??? I would love to send it to you if you want it!

  3. You are going to make the best headpiece EVER! Wish I could help! Can't wait to see!


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