Wedding Wednesday - 24 days!!! and i might be losing my mind!

Happy Wedding Wednesday everyone!
and let me just say today is a MUCH happier day than yesterday - for sure! 
Yesterday I was a bit of a mess - well really all week I have been.
(thanks New Trinity Missionary Society) 
but I turned a corner last night/this morning and woke up feeling better and ready to "let it all go"
so I did.
But of course I would be remiss if I did not touch on - lest you all read this and be like "what the heck is she talking about?"
Apparently there was some confusion/discontent about one of my Bachelorette parties 
(yes I said one of.....there will be two as my maids of  honor won't be here til the week of the wedding)
and it got back to me.
Which resulted in me having hurt feelings and being incredibly frustrated with the 'drama' 
(and I use that word quite loosely as it really wasn't that serious) 
and a bit of a crying jag at work. 
nice. AND professional. 
but I rallied and made it through the rest of the day with the help of my FAB co-workers.
the bright side of this week is we received a wedding present on Monday!
When I came home slightly flustered about guest count,food choices, rsvp's etc...
there was a box w/ my name on it!
And it was:
(not exactly that color)
Thanks to my god sisters Mysheika and Terri and their mother for this lovely gift!!
Totally made my day!
Can't wait to bust it out and get my gourmet bake on!!!
And then yesterday after all the tears subsided and I made it home - my flowers arrived!!!
Double Hooray!
I am making pomanders  to hang around the ceremony site 
(exhibit A)
 So I ordered these
and for the centerpieces I got these!
And they were all there just waiting patiently for me.
I can't wait to get to putting the Poms together this weekend!!
(of course I made a 'tester' last night)
And one of my Bridesmaids is coming to town this weekend! Yaaay!!
And this AWESOME chick is coming by as well to help me get 'fancy' with the votives
So we can get some QT & crafting in before all the hoopla ensues in 24 short days. 
It's all happening.
Y'all I am SO in love w/ this man!
I can't wait to be his Mrs!!

I still need to write my vows - I keep crying or think of weird things to say but I know if I just put my mind to it - they will come.
So I think I'll wait it out.
Maybe next week's update will have a completed vows check mark.

So - what's YOUR week been like?


  1. My week has been very emotional too! Just must be that kind of week!


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