tapped out tuesday

le sigh.
today has just been "one of those days"
it seemingly started off okay.
made it to the train in good time and even got an aisle seat.
but then I got downtown. 
By the time I made it to the subway I discovered the toe/ thong strap on my favorite black gladiator sandals had broken on my left shoe.
then as I got on the next train I realized the right shoe was now broken.
both shoes?
it's not even 8am?
But okay - the ankle strap still works and its not like I'm going to be walking all over creation right?
The broken shoes should've been my first clue this day was headed in the wrong direction.
The word of the day was "miscommunication".
Like for serious. 
It seemed no one was listening to anyone all day long or misinterpreting what was said.
Absolutely nuts.
Yesterday (Monday) - was the Laker championship parade which was super fun to watch but put a bit of a damper on my "outdoor entertainment" as quite a few of the fans are NUTS.
There were WAYYYYYY too many people outside. 
It was crazy to see that much purple and gold all packed into one place. 
Had to have been about 10,000 people out there by 7:30a.m. and they stayed around for hours after the parade.
We made an attempt to go get some fries for lunch at our favorite hole in the wall and they had a line out the door.
It was ridiculous y'all. This place is about the size of a regular 'master bedroom'.
By the time I got inside I found out they had run out of fries.
Sacrilege! The horror!
so we vowed to make another attempt today.
and my fries were soggy. Not their usual crisp and flavorful selves.
I was highly disappointed.
From there on the day was just spiraling out of control.

It took all my energy to not lash out at my loved ones as my emotions are on this ridiculous pendulum that keeps going from one extreme to the next!! 
somebody stop me/them! 

So - here's to tomorrow being a better day, me in a better mood, people actually LISTENING to each other and crispy fries.

How's your week going?


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