sweet victory

ok so we are die-hard, yelling at the TV, coaching from the couch, bleeds Laker purple and gold kind of household.
10 years ago - when I turned 21 they won for the first time in awhile.
the next two years were the same thing.
Always playing on or the day after my birthday and each game more heart wrenching than the next.
so you can only imagine what it's been like in my house the last few weeks.
(for those out of the loop the Lakers are in the NBA finals)
My Babe has been stressed out to the MAX as our team has one of the hardest seasons ever and we have a tendency to pull it out in the 4th quarter which - as a fan- is the hardest thing to sit through.
Every year we go through this kind of stress.
Now, you all know my birthday was last week and they won the day prior.
then they lost the day after.
however, this has happened before.
10 years to be exact.
and tonight.

I happen to be lucky enough to work directly across the street from the staples center and the scene this afternoon was NUTS.
it was like christmas and 4th of july rolled into one.
the energy of the fans was absolutely contagious and as we cruised around L.A. Live during our afternoon beak, eating our ice cream (sorbet for me) I was struck by the feeling of being part of something so BIG.
it was kind of intense.
LA pride is in full effect and the fans are so crazy anything is bound to happen.
I can't WAIT for the parade next week.

Congrats Lakers - you came, you saw, you kicked some Celtic ass!!!

To all the haters - thanks for the motivation to bring it on home to L.A.!!!


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