still on a Blog*Sugar high

Happy Tuesday everyone!!
What a glorious LONG weekend we had!
But before I get to the weekend wrap up I have to talk about the AMAZING event I went to on Friday.
So my good friend Rachel hosted me and 59 other fabulous women at her house Friday evening for Blog*Sugar pt.2!
I was super excited as I missed the first one due to a flat tire (boo)
AND Friday was the beginning of 3 day weekend too so we were able to get out of work early!!
As I was headed down to the L.B. 
(that's Long Beach for those of y'all who may be from elsewhere and like, what the heck is she talkin about!?)
I began to think how blogging has changed my life in so many ways.
I have met and developed relationships with people from all over the country, shared things about myself with strangers that I've never done w/ family, been exposed to new ways of thought, ideas, recipes and crafts.
I have opened my mind and my heart and I couldn't wait to see what was in store.
and Mrs. No.17 did not disappoint!
First of all let's talk about the smorgasbord of treats!!
And no I don't have any pictures because I'm lame and have yet to get a new camera, fix the old one and forgot the "back up". 
I know. 
It's cool. I'm okay with it.
Anywho - back to Blog*Sugar ~ 
treats for days, both sweet & savory.
A ton of women who, love to blog and have something to SAY!
It was super fun to get to meet and chat with some of the ladies who's comments I see on blogs I read or even on Facebook!
(I'm talking to YOU Elsie!!!)
And of course it was nice to catch up to some of my favorite authors in person like
CrazyismySuperPower, The Jacobs,  and Vintage Ruby Lemon and meet others for the first time like Namaste!
Blog*Sugar was not just about the bloggers, it also sponsored Rachel's favorite charity, Free Wheelchair Mission
FWM builds lost cost wheelchairs and delivers them to people in countries that have no resources and a slim chance of providing medical care to those that are disabled. 
 This AMAZING organization literally goes into villages, lifts people off the ground and gives them mobility. 
 For $60.00, you can change a life forever.  You can give someone a wheelchair.
Amazing right?
The whole purpose of Blog* Sugar was not just to hang out and chat w/ other women (we did plenty of that too) but more or less to help us FOCUS us and our blogs.
Basically: what is your blog about? What is it's PURPOSE? what is your PASSION?
And of course that got MY wheels turning.
Because the moment people find out I blog they ask the same question:
"What do you blog about?"
And that's an honest one.
it started out as a "family blog" something of an online journal for my Sweet Pea to read later on in life and for me to share happenings with far flung family  members.
Then somewhere at some point - it changed.
It became about my life - not just ME. but all the components that make me who/ what I am.
My unyielding love for Babe and our incredible journey to be man and wife, Sweet Pea's school accomplishments and milestones, the FUN that our family regularly enjoys.
I wanted to incorporate it ALL into this one forum. 
Cuz that's how I roll. 
I AM all these things, a (soon-to-be) wife, mother, friend, sister, sister-in-law, artist, writer & dreamer. 
So why pigeonhole my blog into this ONE thing?
I will challenged myself to really think about WHY I blog and what is my purpose out here in the blog-o-sphere.
and while I have an 'idea' - I want to contemplate a little more and will be working on a post about that later in the week.

I have to thank Mrs. No.17 though for hosting such a wonderful event and her friend Andrea for co-hosting.
It was a great evening filled with lots of laughs and I made a bunch of new friends! 
so thanks ladies!!!

looking forward to the next one!!!


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