random wrap up - a movie, some shopping, some crafts, makeup and an awards show

ahh Monday.
How I love and hate you.
I love that you are the signal of a new week - the catalyst to get me going but I despise how you require me to "get back in the swing of things". 
Especially after a weekend as lovely as this past.
Kicked off my weekend Friday evening with a little online wedding retail therapy.
Translation - I was finally able to use some of that hard earned, well saved money and get the 'supplies' needed to make this whole ceremony/reception come together.
Friday afternoon my mother and I went to pick up the centerpiece vases so that was a relief!
I ordered the candy for the candy buffet bar, the carnations for the pomanders, and the orchids for the centerpieces.
I was kind of bummed by the lack of instant gratification but it was still thrilling never-the-less.
Although I will say it was kind of hard to part w/ the money.
We have saved for SO long and missed out on so much over the last year so we could save that it was harder than I thought to spend it freely.
Fortunately after the 3rd order it got easier.
Saturday was fun as there were errands to run and we decided to go as a family.
Not sure what I was thinking taking Sweet Pea and Babe to the craft store but we got out of there only $10 lighter so that was good.
We then went in search of a futon for our guests to crash on and some more things and before we knew it, it was dinner time. 
After a quick stop here
We headed home to watch a movie.

I have been wanting to see this for awhile and was glad we were able to watch it as a family.
It brought to light some of the issues Black women have with their hair 
(that is a whole other post)
And it was REALLY interesting to see how much some of these women are spending on their hair.
Sunday I went to do some makeup in the L.B. and it was a beautiful day, picked up my vases from my mom and trucked on home.
Babe grilled us some turkey burgers and I even found the "slider" buns 
( or "mini-burger buns" as we like to call them)
so Sweet Pea and I were STOKED about that.
Then I decided (for some strange reason) to watch the BET awards .
Really only because I knew Prince was being honored and all the East Coast Facebookers were commenting on it - so I was intrigued.
So I tuned in. 
And suddenly remembered WHY I don't watch.
I'm sure in person it's much more interesting but it always bothers me to see industry folk sitting there looking bored while their contemporaries are rocking the stage.
Overall it was just 'mehh'.
There was just too much going on and it seemed very.......contrived.
I don't know. 
However I will say this - Chris Brown did a VERY fitting dance tribute to Michael Jackson that gave me goosebumps.
I know when MJ passed away last year he really wanted to be part of the tributes but in light of all the "Rihanna Drama" was not really permitted to do so.
And last night - he did his thizzle.
Hopefully folks will allow him to continue to do his thing now without all the whispers......but I digress.

The weekend was absolutely lovely and here's to a great work week and a 3 day weekend!!!
whoo hoo!!!



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