Ohhh emm geeeee.......SATC pt.2!!!!!!

Glorious weekend that it was it wouldn't have been right if I didn't venture out to see the new SATC 2!!!
I am PROUDLY one of the many women who has a minor obsession with 
Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte and have taken a huge interest in their lives and love to see how far they have come since the shows inception.
(yes, I am aware they are fictional characters but bear with me)

So when one of my college friends said she was putting together a "Ladies Night" for a viewing I KNEW that I had to be there.
She organized a private screening for me and about 40  friends and family and we had a BLAST.
I was able to invite 4 of my good friends as well as meet new ladies and hang out with old ones!
We were fortunate enough to have the screening at the Gold Class Cinema in Pasadena this past Saturday night!

for those not "in the know" Gold Class Cinemas is a highly advanced  movie going experience.
Dinner and a movie? 
And then some!
As you can see from the pic above - all of the seats in each theater are basically fancy recliners and each has a button for calling the waiter , a "cubbie" to stash your purse/jacket/shoes and a little table on which you will eat your dinner.
In the dark.
Because it was a special event there was a lovely little drink menu (hello Tartini!!)
for dinner we had several options  to choose from ;
none of which I remember other than what I got which was the
Surf N' Turf 

some type of fancy filet/sirloin/whatever type burger (YUM) and lobster mac'n' cheese (Double YUM) that's right - LOBSTER mac'n'cheese.
It was divine!!!

For dessert our options were presented like this:
choice of:
cherry cheesecake, tiramisu, chocolate souffle 
assorted cookies and brownies

So I checked off Cherry Cheesecake.

And then they brought out 
nice right?
SO yummy.
What an amazing dining experience!!!
Now - the movie:
I really liked the movie.
I had heard mixed reviews; weak plot, far-fetched story lines, lame jokes.
And it had all of that.
But I loved every. single. minute.
Every one! 
The visuals are what really make these movies what they are and they did not disappoint.
Pat Fields is a RIDICULOUS costume designer and always hits the nail on the head when it comes to dressing these women as their alter egos.
The shoes, the bags, the beauty - the movie did NOT disappoint.
Was it a life shattering, mind blowing performance?
Not so much.
Was it super fun to watch and experience?
You betcha.
Will I be buying the special edition when it comes out on DVD? 
Oh hecksssssss yeah!

so if you are like me and loved SATC the series and enjoyed the first movie - gather up some girlfriends and get thee to a theater stat!
You don't want to miss this!!


  1. Ummm...I am SO jealous!! I've never seen an episode of SATC (I know, I'll give you a moment to gasp and compose yourself) but I would be all over that theater experience. How fun!!


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