a moment to reflect

Sunday started out fairly normal.
got up. showered. got "pretty"
and then headed out to Long Beach to do some makeup for this fabulous lady.
stopped at the Fabric Barn to pick up some more goodies for my wedding crafts
then stopped by my mothers to get my centerpiece vases.
she wasn't home
that was no bueno but I ran inside anyway to print some receipts and use the bathroom.
On my way in I noticed an pink envelope that was addressed to me & Babe on the kitchen table.
I looked at the return address and saw it was from my Gramma's church 
(my home church where I grew up) 
in Ohio.
I tossed it in my bag and did what I needed to do.
Went by my Dad's house to wait on my mom and once there I decided to open the card.

It was a card of "Wedding Wishes" and when I opened it I immediately started crying.
It was from all of the women in my Gramma's Missionary Society group.

Her best friends and a few women I'm sure I've met over the years but can't quite recall.
And some of the names were in my Gramma's handwriting.
It was all I could do not to cry out with my sobbing.
I could not believe these women had taken the time to send me a card.
And that it had come at such a poignant time.
This week had been pretty rough for me - emotionally and everything has been setting me off on a crying jag.
The card was no exception.
I could feel the love emanating through it.
I knew these women had prayed over me and loved my Gramma so much that they sought to send me a card to wish us well.
There are no words to express my gratitude.
I called my aunt to chat and told her about the card and she informed me that my Gramma's BFF told her she was going to send it and I just melted.
We spent a good 45 minutes on the phone as it seems we are all having a hard time as of late.
But she reminded me what a blessing this wedding was and how happy she was this was happening now.
"Amber, she says," we need this celebration in our lives. We have been in and out of the darkness for the last few months and now, you all are getting married and its time for us to find joy in that. It's what your Gramma would have wanted."
And she is 100% right.

To the women of New Trinity Baptist Church Missionary Society:
Thank you
  for your kind words and wedding wishes.
This card means so much to me.
There really are no words to express my gratitude.
My Gramma loved you all so much and to see how you all have extended that same love to me and my family bowls me over.
I cried when I read the card.
Not because I was sad but because I was overwhelmed by the love that came through.
I was shocked to say the least but realize the timing was just right.
I needed this right now more than anything.
Thank you for being a support to my family both in Ohio and across the states.
You all have been a solid rock on which we can lean and we are forever grateful.
All my love, from my family to all of yours



  1. What a beautiful thing they did for you! What a blessing those Godly women are to you!


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