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Wedding Wednesday - 24 days!!! and i might be losing my mind!

Happy Wedding Wednesday everyone! and let me just say today is a MUCH happier day than yesterday - for sure!  Yesterday I was a bit of a mess - well really all week I have been. (thanks New Trinity Missionary Society)  but I turned a corner last night/this morning and woke up feeling better and ready to "let it all go" so I did. But of course I would be remiss if I did not touch on - lest you all read this and be like "what the heck is she talking about?" Apparently there was some confusion/discontent about one of my Bachelorette parties  (yes I said one of.....there will be two as my maids of  honor won't be here til the week of the wedding) and it got back to me. Which resulted in me having hurt feelings and being incredibly frustrated with the 'drama'  (and I use that word quite loosely as it really wasn't that serious)  and a bit of a crying jag at work.  nice. AND professional. 
but I rallied and made it through the rest of the day with the help of my FAB co…

random wrap up - a movie, some shopping, some crafts, makeup and an awards show

ahh Monday. How I love and hate you. I love that you are the signal of a new week - the catalyst to get me going but I despise how you require me to "get back in the swing of things".  Especially after a weekend as lovely as this past.
Kicked off my weekend Friday evening with a little online wedding retail therapy.
Translation - I was finally able to use some of that hard earned, well saved money and get the 'supplies' needed to make this whole ceremony/reception come together.
Friday afternoon my mother and I went to pick up the centerpiece vases so that was a relief!
I ordered the candy for the candy buffet bar, the carnations for the pomanders, and the orchids for the centerpieces. Hooray! 
I was kind of bummed by the lack of instant gratification but it was still thrilling never-the-less.
Although I will say it was kind of hard to part w/ the money.
We have saved for SO long and missed out on so much over the last year so we could save that it was harder than I thought t…

a moment to reflect

Sunday started out fairly normal. got up. showered. got "pretty" and then headed out to Long Beach to do some makeup for this fabulous lady. stopped at the Fabric Barn to pick up some more goodies for my wedding crafts then stopped by my mothers to get my centerpiece vases. she wasn't home that was no bueno but I ran inside anyway to print some receipts and use the bathroom. On my way in I noticed an pink envelope that was addressed to me & Babe on the kitchen table. I looked at the return address and saw it was from my Gramma's church  (my home church where I grew up)  in Ohio. I tossed it in my bag and did what I needed to do. Went by my Dad's house to wait on my mom and once there I decided to open the card.

It was a card of "Wedding Wishes" and when I opened it I immediately started crying. It was from all of the women in my Gramma's Missionary Society group.
Her best friends and a few women I'm sure I've met over the years but can't quite r…

finding a way - or making one

This is pretty much how I've been looking/feeling all week long. Caught some kind of cold over the weekend and have been trying to 'recover' ever since. Top that with being a mom, working full time and planning a wedding and feeling some kinda way........ and yeah. I'm in kind of a weird place. As I posted here - I have been toying with the idea of keeping this whole wedding train going even after we get back from the honeymoon. I really want to help other women bring their vision's to life on their special day. It's something that I have been interested in for awhile but I am somewhat questioning/doubting if I /we can pull this off and kind of have no idea where to begin. My friend Rachel posted this lovely gem yesterday and it really hit home.
I read it and was convicted. Sometimes  I am my own worst enemy. More often than not when it comes to something that I really feel passionate about. Writing that book , being a full time make-up artist, starting my own business - …

wedding wednesday - 31 days!!!!!!!

holy rusted metal batman! We have 30 days until the wedding.
these weeks just keep flying by........
pretty soon we will be two weeks then just one.
it's so weird to think this will all be over soon.
I have enjoyed all that has gone into it.
I could've done without some of the drama but I guess you have to go through it to come out better right?
So I am ridiculously excited as things are all falling into place and it really appears as though we might actually pull this off!
that blows me away.
We've gotten back the majority of our RSVP's back so the guest list is looking pretty tight.
Still updating it daily as they trickle in and people confirm.
It's funny to me how some  people forgot to write in their names and others put the card in an envelope not realizing there was a stamp.
As long as we get it back - no worries friends!
So this weekend - well it was supposed to be a crafting weekend but as you may know the USA won their group in the World Cup today so we have to re-sche…

tapped out tuesday

le sigh. today has just been "one of those days" it seemingly started off okay. made it to the train in good time and even got an aisle seat. but then I got downtown.  By the time I made it to the subway I discovered the toe/ thong strap on my favorite black gladiator sandals had broken on my left shoe. bummer. then as I got on the next train I realized the right shoe was now broken. really?  both shoes?
it's not even 8am? But okay - the ankle strap still works and its not like I'm going to be walking all over creation right? The broken shoes should've been my first clue this day was headed in the wrong direction. The word of the day was "miscommunication". Like for serious.  It seemed no one was listening to anyone all day long or misinterpreting what was said. Absolutely nuts. Yesterday (Monday) - was the Laker championship parade which was super fun to watch but put a bit of a damper on my "outdoor entertainment" as quite a few of the fans are NUTS. There w…

sweet victory

ok so we are die-hard, yelling at the TV, coaching from the couch, bleeds Laker purple and gold kind of household. 10 years ago - when I turned 21 they won for the first time in awhile. the next two years were the same thing. Always playing on or the day after my birthday and each game more heart wrenching than the next. so you can only imagine what it's been like in my house the last few weeks. (for those out of the loop the Lakers are in the NBA finals) My Babe has been stressed out to the MAX as our team has one of the hardest seasons ever and we have a tendency to pull it out in the 4th quarter which - as a fan- is the hardest thing to sit through. Every year we go through this kind of stress. Now, you all know my birthday was last week and they won the day prior. then they lost the day after. however, this has happened before. 10 years to be exact. and tonight. SWEET. VICTORY is ours.
I happen to be lucky enough to work directly across the street from the staples center and the scene this …

wedding wednesday.........38 days!!

what the heck???? 38 days? really????? wowzers. as you all know from this my shoes came!!! hooray!! I tried them on and they are super cute! I only hope they look as cute w/ the dress and I can stay standing in them all night! Tonight I get to go pick up my dress for my final fitting!!! I don't know if I want to cry or scream w/ excitement. It's all going by so fast! Planning a wedding is similar to planning for a baby - same type of commitment and love go into it. With a pregnancy though - the end is the beginning and with a wedding........well when it's over, it's over! and it's kind of bittersweet actually; we have put so much time and effort into this event and I can't believe in 38 short days it will all be over and all I will have left are the memories, laughs and LOTS of pictures! I am so looking forward to it though! I can't wait to see how all these separate random elements come together! This past weekend my fabulous friend Ms. Tiffany and I braved the &quo…

wedding wednesday - 45 days & a birthday

guess what everyone? today is my birthday!!!  (duhhh I only posted about it here) whooo hoooo!!!  It has been a pretty great day already! I got a boat load of well wishes on FB that got me a little teary-eyed , some cool toys and a ton of sweets and some pretty beautiful flowers as well! Thanks friends for all the love!
Now on to the good stuff! The wedding update!!! ha! you thought I would skip that in light of having a birthday??!!! child, please.
So - we are trucking right along on in our planning/implementation. We got 45 days y'all. 45.days. I can't even deal. I'm so excited I want to jump out of my skin  but I'm so stressed out I want to hide under a rock! how is that even possible?? Sigh. But I will prevail and it will all come together beautifully right? right. I'm excited as I have delusions  plans to make a trip to the "Garment District" on Sunday in Downtown Los Angeles and get my full craft scout on!! I have spent the last few days researching the best places to go …

happy birthday to ......ME!!!!

I'm writing this post a whole day early as my actual birthday isn't until tomorrow. Yes that's right folks - 31 (yes 31) years ago my parents rushed to the hospital to receive their ultimate test in patience :  ME (insert sarcastic smirk and comment here) Since tomorrow is "Wedding Wednesday" and also my birthday I was trying to come up w/ a creative way to tie them together.......and yeah. I got nothing.  sorry. guess that's what happens when all the creativity is being slowly siphoned out of you one centerpiece at a time..... anyway - it all began on a gloomy day in June (hence the perpetually sunny disposition) and no one's life has been 'normal' since.
Last year   I waxed poetic on turning the big 3-0
but this year - I'm not really feeling the nostalgia as much. 
Perhaps cuz I've sort of "been there done that" ? 
Perhaps because I'm getting married in 46 short days (really?)
and the majority of my energy is focused there.
who knows.…

tidbit for tuesday

This was in my inbox this morning from "The Daily Love"
"People think chutzpah is in the genes.  It isn't. It's in the needing and wanting and being willing to fall on your face. It isn't fun. Who wants all that rejection,  but life is sweeter if you make yourself do uncomfortable things."
- Helen Gurley Brown ; former Editor -in-Chief Cosmopolitan Magazine

wrapping it up

What a wonderfully busy- but- not-crazy weekend! The weather was A-MAZING. reminded us all whywe live in So.Cal and it stayed like that both days!!! whoo hoo!! maybe I'll get lucky and it'll stay nice for my birthday on Wednesday? Maybe????? Sigh. A girl can only dream. The weekend started off lovely with a celebration in honor of my future-mother in law! She obtained her SECOND Master's degree in Education on Friday evening and a few of the local famdamily came by to celebrate with yummy enchilada's!! Saturday I had the good fortunate to flex my creative/artistry muscles and help out a friend! Melissa Munding  was doing a Mini-Marathon Boudoir Photo session atthis swanky little hoteland asked if I would be willing to do the makeup for her models! Of course I jumped at the chance!  Since the engagement I haven't really had the opportunity to do as much makeup as I'd like to and it was a great way for me to add to my portfolio as well! AND it got me thinking about a wedding…

Wedding Wednesday - 52 days to go!

Happy Hump Day y'all! Can I just say I am SO excited today?  Yesterday began my favorite month of all (my birth month) and that means our wedding is just weeks away! aaaaack!  how did this all happen so FAST?  where the heck has the time gone? oh that's right..... I was D.I.Ying our invites at that time. hrmmph. anywho - so invitations went out last week and we have already gotten TWO R.S.V.P.'s back already! Yaay!!! I've also had some people call to tell me  they were coming and that the phone was their R.S.V.P. - "umm thank you but can you please send back the postcard? Yeah I put a stamp on it and everything and I kind of need that for your food choice too........ thaaaaanks".  And with invitations and guest lists come the inevitable " can I bring a friend?" type requests. Don't take this the wrong way but here's the deal people: If you are allowed to bring a guest - it will say "and guest" or +1  if the invite is addressed solely to you - as…

Ohhh emm geeeee.......SATC pt.2!!!!!!

Glorious weekend that it was it wouldn't have been right if I didn't venture out to see the new SATC 2!!! I am PROUDLY one of the many women who has a minor obsession with  Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte and have taken a huge interest in their lives and love to see how far they have come since the shows inception. (yes, I am aware they are fictional characters but bear with me)
So when one of my college friends said she was putting together a "Ladies Night" for a viewing I KNEW that I had to be there. She organized a private screening for me and about 40  friends and family and we had a BLAST. I was able to invite 4 of my good friends as well as meet new ladies and hang out with old ones! We were fortunate enough to have the screening at the Gold Class Cinema in Pasadena this past Saturday night!
for those not "in the know" Gold Class Cinemas is a highly advanced  movie going experience. Dinner and a movie? 
CHECK!!! And then some! As you can see from the p…

still on a Blog*Sugar high

Happy Tuesday everyone!! What a glorious LONG weekend we had! But before I get to the weekend wrap up I have to talk about the AMAZING event I went to on Friday. So my good friend Rachel hosted me and 59 other fabulous women at her house Friday evening for Blog*Sugar pt.2! I was super excited as I missed the first one due to a flat tire (boo) AND Friday was the beginning of 3 day weekend too so we were able to get out of work early!! (gasp!) As I was headed down to the L.B.  (that's Long Beach for those of y'all who may be from elsewhere and like, what the heck is she talkin about!?) I began to think how blogging has changed my life in so many ways. I have met and developed relationships with people from all over the country, shared things about myself with strangers that I've never done w/ family, been exposed to new ways of thought, ideas, recipes and crafts. I have opened my mind and my heart and I couldn't wait to see what was in store. and Mrs. No.17 did not disappoint! First …