wedding wednesday - a few days late

on today's episode of wedding Wednesday we have_
the initial fitting!
whoo hoo!!
So last night me and one of my bridesmaids and another friend cruised out to DB for my first dress fitting!
As you may remember from this  and this I have been working my tush off to get/stay in shape for this wedding and it has paid off!! 
I was able to slip into my dress with ease and it even had to be taken in quite a bit as well!!
It was as pretty as I remembered and it made me all the more excited.
78 days to go!
can't believe it's almost here!
this whole wedding planning process is a bit like giving birth in that you wait for so long for this one blessed event to occur
you blink
and the moment has come, blink again and it's over!
Trust that I am doing my best to savor every moment and enjoy this process.
Babe and I have had so much fun doing this, together.
Some days/topics are a bit more stressful than others but we have learned a LOT about ourselves and the kind of relationship we have in the process.
It's been a long road and we are finally seeing the light at the end.....

on another note.
I finally ordered my shoes.
I was having a major small panic attack when I discovered the cuteness that are these
were not available in my size on the  brand's website.\
Nor were they available on
ok so after my mini meltdown - I regrouped and did a massive search via every search engine available to me and finally found them here
so I am a happy lady today.
Invitations - so you may remember me saying the super fabulous Melissa Munding designed the layout for my invites even though she's not a"trained" graphic designer and knocked them out of the box!
However, they had to be re-sized w/ a 'bleed & crop marks' so I sent them to my future brother in law who was able to help me out w/ that.
 I was finally able to send them to the printer (thanks Dad for dropping the paper off)
and they will be ready to pick up next week!!!

this is a HUGE relief and I couldn't be happier with results!
once they are finished I will post a pic for you all to see!

hooray for weddings.
Hooray for friends and family willing to help
and hooray for the weekend!!


  1. I wore those shoes on my wedding day!

  2. love those sassy shuz! i wore green suede pumps with satin bows for our wedding...i think it's fun to have a little party on your feet underneath that "serious" dress!


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