wedding wednesday - 73 days!!!!

Yesterday I turned a corner in the wedding planning/crazy person process.
I went and picked up my invitations.
like, for real - jump up and down squealing kind of excited.
and I did exactly that upon arriving at my Dad's and seeing how fabulous they turned out!!
I mentioned here the lovely Melissa Munding designed them based on the 'examples' I had and they came out even better than expected and EXACTLY how I imagined them!!

Of course it was too late to take a well lit picture of them - not to mention one camera is mal-functioning and the other is not charged.
So this is the only image I have 
(taken w/ my phone with the early morning dark in our office)
I cannot wait to finish putting them all together
( I have delusions that I can have it all done by Saturday Sunday at the latest)
and to be able to show you all the final product!
this has been such a source of stress labor of love that I am glad to have seen it through to the end!
I stayed true to my vision AND came in UNDER budget!!!
who's a budget savvy bride?
So tell me - what do you think??????


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