wedding wednesday - 59 days to wedded bliss

T.G.I.W y'all!!
I feel like this week has happened twice already.
It has been a long process BUT......
the invitations are finally done!!!
this has been one of the hardest yet most rewarding projects I have ever worked on.
that I'm not getting a grade for.
 Babe was such a trooper for helping me out and making sure things were constantly progressing.
He did ALL of the cutting of all the background paper
(so if somethings a little crooked - blame him => )
and worked hard to see this project through to the end.
There are several people I have to thank who all helped make this process go just a little bit easier and to kept me from tearing my hair out:
Babe -  I have never loved him so much as I did last night while he was diligently placing labels on envelopes and stuffing them ever so gently w/ the completed invitation.
His patience has been immeasurable.
He's also told me we were never doing this again either.

Next on my list - the fabulous Melissa Munding.
Seriously I can't thank this girl enough.
In the midst of her own wedding planning and finals she created the most amazing design for me!! 
love love love!

And then there's the feisty little firecracker known as "the other Amber" - as I posted here; she came over last week and saved my sanity by coming up with an easy way to incorporate my ribbon without making a glue-y mess.
thanks friend!

Next I have to give a HUGE shout out to the lovely Ms. Nesi Stewart at Print Masters in Los Alamitos
This wonderful woman allowed me to wander into her store on a Saturday afternoon, ask a million questions and then a million more, send emails re-iterating said questions and then scramble like a crazy person to get them picked up!
As my dad has been the "go-between" (as the store is located 2 min. from his house) he was able to meet Ms. Nesi and raved about her as well.
So if you all are in the Cypress, Long Beach area - go by and check her out!
They are awesome, accommodating,willing to work with you and no job is too large or small!!!
Thanks again Ms. Nesi!!!

So here we are in the home stretch..........just over two months to go and I am ready to move forward!
I found the cutest Pomanders ( see below - a.k.a"kissing balls") that I'm going to D.I.Y with some faux flowers  to spruce up the ceremony area and to save a little cash along the way.

I've already attempted one and it turned out pretty good.
I was only short a few flowers so it could have been filled in better but still a good/ fun project!
I just have to be sure it's going to cost less to D.I.Y. them than to buy them off of like Etsy or something.
SO excited about that project!

Next on my list though is to :
  • Decide on shoes
  • commission hair fascinator (fancy word for hair clip) on Etsy OR order feathers and see if this lovely lady can make one for me
  • locate a birdcage veil
  • find a place to either rent or cheaply purchase cylindrical vases for the centerpieces
  • make a trip to Moskatels in downtown L.A. for some faux flower craziness
  • finalize jewelry
  • find a florist to create the bouquets and corsages (orig. fell through)
  • order flower girl dresses and find shoes for them
  • put all vendor information into one location
  • sit down w/ wedding coordinator / producer and go over schedule
  • finalize the 'Wedding Week' schedule
  • Grand entrance song
whew!!!! I could go on & on!
but....... I don't' want to bore you!
and there will be more, more, more in the days/ weeks to come so get excited people!!!

we're getting MARRIED!!!!!


  1. your wedding invitation is STUNNING! and I LOVED meeting you tonight - you've got yourself a stalker sweetness!


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