tuesday truth

I have become that "woman".
You know the one.
Who gets engaged and is all  "oh I won't get all obsessive over shades of green" or
" I don't care WHAT they wear to the wedding....."
or better still 
"I'm not going to focus solely on the wedding. I'm going to make sure I have other things to talk about as well"
Yeah. that didn't happen..
Slowly but surely I have become "one of those people"
who can't seem to shut up about their upcoming nuptials,
tells everyone who will listen what new "fabulous" idea  you've just had or craft you've just finished.
All the while KNOWING that these people don't really care about the minutia the way I do.
But I find myself running off at the mouth to virtual strangers about centerpieces and shoe options!
how did this happen?
At what point did I turn into this slightly self -absorbed, wedding junkie??
I mean, I have ALWAYS liked a good wedding.
I dug the planning process, the details and all the elements in between so it's no surprise that I REALLY got into all the different elements I could when it came time to plan my own.
But I had no intention of becoming "that friend".
I even espoused as much to my Matron of Honor Michelle 
"Even though we are all wedding all the time over here I'm not going to be that friend who dominates every phone conversation with wedding details"
Her response: "yeah right. you will. it's okay though"
And she was 100% right.
So not what I intended but this wedding has truly taken on a life of its own and has become so much MORE than I ever thought!
And while I am "that person" for the next 60 days or so - please bear with me.
I am so excited I want to share it all with everyone all. the. time!!!
I can't help it!

(now I've got the Pointer Sisters in my head)
" I'm so excited....(do do do doodoodoo doo) and I just can't hide it!!! I'm about to lose control and I think  I LIKE it! "

So bear with me for the next 60 days y'all.
The updates will be coming fast and furious  so just embrace it......
and hey, if  you're really not interested.......don't read!


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