the "superwoman" syndrome

there's this strange myth going around these days:
women have super powers
not just super powers of persuasion
I mean people really and truly believe that because you are female you can
a) juggle more tasks at once
b) handle whatever life throws at you - while remaining poised
c) be everything to every body
d) do it ALL with no help

and while I will say that I'm certainly guilty of thinking that way it sometimes stinks to be pigeonholed into that kind of box.
Especially at a time you when you need help the most!!!!
But I digress.
I'm just amazed at all women do each day.
ALL women.
Not just the  working /stay at home mommies 
( although you ladies do more in a day than most do all week)
Women run this world in case you didn't know
(sorry to all you men out there who thought you were in charge - not so much fellas)
We marvel at the woman who has the time and ability to cook a homemade dinner 5 nights a week, clean the house, do the laundry and still please their men.
All while maintaining a ridiculous body weight and workout regimen.
But we have got to stop comparing ourselves to others! 

Case in point - the wedding  and the "invitation situation": 
I really think that I can "do it all" and don't need much help. 
Maybe a few folks here and there to bounce ideas off of but "I got this" right?
so wrong.

As evidenced by the length of time required to complete this task - from concept, to printing to creation ; I was assisted every step along the way.
And only because I finally gave in ...
I relented and asked for (gasp!) help!!
And you know what?
It didn't kill me.
It helped me SO much when this fabulous lady(with whom I share a name)
came to my rescue and brought not only the extra pair of hands I desperately needed
she came with fresh ideas and perspective.
EXACTLY what I needed.
and in perfect timing too.
All because I finally realized I don't always have to be the superwoman/mom/wife/friend.
I mess up.
Make mistakes and will need to reach out on occasion for assistance.
And that's fine.

What's not okay is me (or anyone else) making myself crazy because I am trying to prove some kind of point.
That's not fun.
Doesn't make me a good mom, wife, or friend.

Sometimes, just sometimes, we need to take off our SUPERWOMAN capes and let it rest
if only so we can get the reprieve we so desperately need before we go back to saving the world.
one load of laundry at a time.


  1. Well honey bunny... I know you will be there for me in a hot second if I start hollering. So grateful that I could help and that you let me tear up your invite. lol


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