the rundown - new eyes, some giggles & bbq

whew! Monday again!
and the beginning of a whole new month!
one month closer to my birthday and two months closer to our wedding day!
 still so much to do!
this weekend was a bit more relaxing than the last few have been but busy non-the-less.
Saturday we hit the post office bright and early to order our passports
(Viva Los Cabos!!!)
then ran to Target to get some .....well I mean does it even matter? it's Target!
But I wanted to get another t-shirt and some wife beater tanks (they were on sale for $6) and are SUPER soft and comfy.
stopped at the store to get some xtra meat for Sunday's grill fest
then it was off to get a hair cut for Babe at the Cox's!
Love that they are our neighbors AND friends!
After that we went to lunch at our FAVORITE place and it was such a lovely day - we decided to eat outdoors!
AND we had a coupon! 
Score one for our team!
After lunch it was off to the eye doctor 
( i have never been so excited to have my eyes checked in my life)
It was a new office/ doctor and they were so nice!
Very accommodating as they saw all 3 of us and allowed us to share an exam room as well.
after I got my "new eyes" I felt like a whole new person! 
have you ever worn  disposable lenses longer than you're supposed to?
Not a good look.
To top off the day Babe had a "boys night" and went to watch the fight while Sweet Pea and I stayed home and made some rings ( yes as in jewelry ) and watch a movie.
Sunday was super relaxing. FINALLY got to sleep in but not too late as we had some cleaning to do around the house and we had some folks over for dinner.
My dad graced us w/ his presence as did Babe's mom, brother and nephew.
I somehow got Babe to agree to grill out and make his 'famous' chicken ,. so it was my job to take care of all the side dishes.
Grilled corn, baked beans, pasta salad and cole slaw!
Since I was on a roll I decided to hook up some fancy Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Bean cupcakes.

Nice, relaxing day with the family.
The weather was nice, not a lot of dishes, good conversation, positive attitudes.......
I couldn't have asked for better!
Love those days!!!!

What did you do this weekend?


  1. I know next weekend I want to come eat at your house! :)


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