an OFF day

Yesterday was one of those rare times when I was off in the middle of the week.
and fortunately for me it happened to be a nice day out as well.
(minus these prairie like winds - what the heck????)
I had an appointment at the DMV early in morning and a bunch of other pertinent matters to attend to - not to mention I have been both physically & emotionally maxed out the last few weeks and  truly needed the reprieve.
Especially since our weekends have been so packed as of late.
After my errands I stopped by my neighbor friend Niki's house and ended up running  a few errands with her! LOL!
I had to share with her about the new Cynthia Vincent for Target shoe collection
check it out here  
And we even managed to pick out some super CAHUUTE shoes for her as well!!

To top it off my ADORABLE co-worker and friend went into labor in the wee hours of the morning and by late evening had delivered an 8lb baby girl!!!
So. Excited. 
like. beyond.
that news was pretty much the icing on my cake for the day!
Then I hooked up some yummy chicken tacos for dinner and Babe and I caught up on Flash Forward!! 
(We're like two weeks behind)
That shows never ceases to amaze me!

Babe even found the time to fix the broken headlight on my car!

it was a great day to be off and I enjoyed it to the max!!!


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