musings on monday

so the weekend was GREAT and you can read more about it in the rundown
yesterday I was be-bopping around the bedroom while getting ready as I discovered Babe's "Oldies" mix on his ipod.
well because my soul was born during another time period.
a time where there were juke joints, sock hops and a raging party consisted of coke ,popcorn and 'Twistin the Night Away'.
So as I was boogy-ing to my hearts content to Sam Cooke and some of my Motown faves - I started thinking 'wow. this reminds me of my college days."
and then thought about it.
and promptly burst into a fit of giggles.
Sam Cooke reminds me of being in college.
Um. Yeah.
thats sounds a bit strange and you're probably all like 'heyyyyy wait a're not that old'
and you're right. I'm not.
But I LOVE older music and I had a friend in college who lent me his Sam Cooke CD.
changed my life and I haven't been right ever since.
So yeah - I was 19 and singing along to "Everybody loves to Cha Cha Cha" and would belt out "Having Party" while cleaning the house and dancing with anyone who would twirl me around.
(usually Babe - though we were 'just friends' at this stage)
good times.
It was amazing to me how a few songs could take me back to a simpler time.
A time when my only responsibility was to make to class each day and get my homework done.
It all seems so long ago............
but as Babe spun me around the room, with a familiar glint in his eye I was reminded......of those times and of the new love we had and how far we've come and I looked at him and it hit me............this. is. all. happening.
and it couldn't feel more right.


  1. Awwww...that was lovely! I know exactly what you mean. Back in the day, things were certainly easier and life held a lot less stress. But the here and now? It's where we belong. :)


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