Martini's, fabulous finds and Fringe

Well, it's Monday and I must say that as of right now - it's not too bad at all.
it was a pretty rad weekend.
We were able to sleep in both days which has been something of an anomaly as of late,
I got my hair done AND a much needed pedicure,
I hung out with my girlfriend and her sister on Sunday for our Hot Mom's Night Out.
we are SO going back to doing that once a month!!!
I might even start a Facebook fan page so everyone can join!!
Wouldn't that be fun!! 
On the wedding front - Invites are NOT finished. 
apparently my mind works faster than my hands......... so it's taking me a tad longer than I would like.
Not to worry though - I stopped off at Michael's on Thursday to get the ribbon and crystals I needed to add some PIZAZZ and was slightly disappointed to discover that they did not carry the shade of purple I required.
No worries though, I will make do with this other 'fun' shade.
then I get home and the color nazi ( Babe) is like - those don't match. 
Rather than go into a long diatribe about how it doesn't have to be an exact match,
I acquiesce and decide that I will stop off at the super discount ribbon/fabric place on my way to the hair salon.
So I did.
And it.was. 
HEAVEN.............rows upon rows of ribbon, tulle, faux flowers, hair clips, elastics and who's its and what's its galore!
I "got lost" in there for at least 45min. even though I found my ribbon after the first 10 min.
Forgot about all the wonderful treasures that store holds!!
Took a break from "the wedding" and watched pretty much the whole season of 'Fringe' with Babe and then began gluing the invites together and that took the rest of my evening
It was an all around chill weekend, we accomplished some things we set out to do and just made headway in others........but it was nice to kick back with Babe and my girlfriends for some giggles and love.
Not to mention those delicious martini's! 
(thanks Yard House )

what did you do?


  1. Oh, man. There is something so cathartic about getting your hair done. It's probably my most favorite thing to do. Ever. Seriously. :)
    Sounds like you had an awesome weekend and here's hoping your week is even better! :)


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