a magnificent monday

"oh what a beeeyouuuutiful morrrrrning 
oh what a beeeeyouuuutiful day
I've got a wonderful feeeeeeling, everything's going my way......"

pretty much what I woke up feeling like.
even though it's "Monday".
I just feel good. 
things are progressing at a rate in which I am happy with.
This weekend was quite productive and relaxing and that ALWAYS makes me happy.
We had a cake tasting on Saturday and that was delicious as usual
We finally decided on a cake.
Yes. an actual cake.
Originally I wanted cupcakes 
but since I am unable to bring in my own baker and use HER
 and all of her cupcake mastery.
I will 'settle' for a yummy tasting cake w/ AMAZING fillings.
So we can check that off the list.
Saturday I  also received a FABULOUS surprise in the mail from 
THIS amazing photographer as a 'thank you'.
No, Melissa - thank YOU!!!
Sunday it was all spring cleaning - we scrubbed the house from top to bottom.
Our vacuum has been on the fritz for the past 6 months or so ( I know- terrible) and I thought maybe we just needed a new filter cuz it's a BRAND.NEW. vacuum but couldn't ever find the actual filter.
Finally I got the bright idea that perhaps the filter just needed to be cleaned similar to that of the dryer.
I was right.
Babe vacuumed the stew out of the house yesterday!!! 
the residue was SO gross (granted we only have carpet upstairs)!
so glad that's done!
On the creative and crafty wedding note:
I tried my hand at a D.I.Y. Pomander (aka 'flower ball') using:
3 faux Carnation  flowers from Dollar Tree
4" Styrofoam ball
Total cost: $6.00.
I will post pics on this week's installment of Wedding Wednesday  - you will be amazed and impressed with all of my creativity and craftiness.
No, seriously you will.
And if you're not cuz you're so much more amazing than me.......fake it.

Happy Monday everyone!!!


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