the GREAT shoe debate

so as you all read here  
(you read that right?) 
I found my blessed wedding shoes and placed an order for them to be shipped this week!
Or not.
Saturday morning I received an email from said company that my shoes were out of stock and were unlikely to become available by my wedding date and would I like to order them in Black or Champagne?
Ummm no.
That will not work.
I ordered PURPLE because I wanted PURPLE.
now - some folks do not understand nor appreciate my desire to wear colorful kicks on my special day.
and that's fine.
but if you know me at all......
you get it.
heck, even if you've only read this blog a few times - you probably get it!
 having said that I am now in a shoe quandary as I am faced with  :
what am I going to wear now? 
thus begins yet another massive purple shoe search.
so here's what I've found so far that I  LURVE.......

option A)

option B)
option C)

option D)
option E)

THIS is where you come in my lovely friends
See I am terribly indecisive when it comes to things of this nature.
Now some of you have seen my dress so you have a better idea of what shoe would "go" better
and some of you have not.
Alas I cannot post a link or an image as I can't risk it getting back to Babe.
Suffice to say that the dress is a bit dramatic and has lots of soft layers..........
something like this 


so with that in mind  what would YOU shoes?
(hahahaaha! - insert my warped sense of humor here)
I'm torn!!



  1. I LOVE C or D!!!! Depends on what kind of purple you want. Happy shopping!

  2. A or C!! Can't wait to see what you choose. =) Good luck!

  3. D) hands down...keeping that whole layering thing in mind i think d would go best!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. yikes! i deleted my comment on accident! oopsy!


    hey...not sure if you have chosen yet...i just read this!

    i think A or B. i love C, but may distract from your amazing dress...

    LOVE the purple idea!!! xo!


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