Fantastic Friday

the actual amount of blogging in the last few weeks has left much to be desired.
On my part that is.
I'm sure you all couldn't care less if I post only once or twice a week.
I've been doing a LOT lately and by the time I get to blogging about it......
my brain has shut down
another perk to working on / looking at a computer ALL day.
By the time you have some "free" time - you don't want to look at one!
so that being said - I have gone back to (gasp!) journaling!!!
My mind is going crazy with a variety of topics and ideas , some of which are a little to personal for the blog-o-sphere so I just put pen to paper instead.
and its been helping a bit
but I've realized I enjoy blogging because of the feedback.
Not because I have  x number of followers but because of the lives I get to touch or peek into each day/week/comment.
I love that.
Anywho - since today is Friday (whoo hoo!!!)
I thought I would post about some FANTASTIC things that have happened or are happening:
In no particular order:
  • the toilet finally got fixed in Sweet Pea's bathroom!! Thank God!! having to manually lift the chain thingy was getting old. not to mention HIGHLY unsanitary. 
  • SUPER MEX in the middle of the week = GOOD. you should have some.
  • .I will be putting together my invitations ALL weekend. bring on the craft glue.
  • Sunday is our first HOT MOM's outing of the year!!! holla!! we will be giggling our hearts out come 4pm Sunday - if you find yourself bored; think of me. I'll be having a drink for you!
  • My birthday is in 3 weeks and 4 days and I'm getting married in 71 days.
  • I have some of the BEST friends a girl could ask for. seriously. I know I've said before how people have come out of the woodwork to help with this wedding but I am NOT KIDDING y'all. My girl Michelle is the  like for real.  Love that girl.
  • I get my hair done tomorrow!!! (and I might sneak in a pedicure)
  • house cleaning weekend!!! hooray for clean floors, clean clothes and fresh sheets!!
           What's making YOUR Friday Fantastic?


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