BFF's & babies

i am surrounded by babies and best friends.
not necessarily in that order but it's a good feeling to have.
especially now.
I think I've posted about how I've been feeling out of sorts and just all over the place with all that we've had going on,
so it should come as no surprise that I have been reaching out to my "girls"  a LOT lately.
aside from the fact that these women are going to stand beside me on my wedding day - they actually 'get' me.
I was filling out my calendar for this month and realized that somehow I managed to finagle not one but TWO girls nights this month!
shut the front door!
How did I do that you ask?
Well - once upon a time , my girlfriends and I formed the "Hot Mom's Club"
meaning we are all the same age and have children and could occasionally use a night out,
so once a month for about a year we would meet for dinner and just hang out until we absolutely had to go home.
Then one moved up north for about a year and half so we stopped.
When she moved back we swore we would start back up but then there were pregnancies, moves, new jobs etc.....
basically - LIFE got in the way
These past few months have been chaotic for us all and it was high time we reconnected
so I scheduled some 'face time' with the ladies.
 to top that off the BEST MOVIE EVER is coming out on May 28th and we got tickets to a semi-private screening!!!
whoo hoo!!!
Ladies night!!!!
I can't wait!
This is much needed time out and about for ALL of us.

then there are the babies!
Oh they keep coming left and right!
so many people I know are either pregnant or just gave birth!
One of my co-workers just had an adorable little girl with a head full of hair last week,
I'm going to a baby shower this weekend for a former co-worker, my good friends little girl just turned 3 this week and "the worm" 
(as I so affectionately refer to him - don't worry his mother knows and is okay with this term of endearment......) 
is trying to crawl and rolling all over the place!
A couple of my other high school friends are pregnant/just had a baby and it just seems like there is new life being presented everywhere
and it makes me happy.
to see how lives are changing and families are growing.......sigh.
it fills my heart with joy!!

these are happy and joyous times and I want to bask in all the love I see daily.
sometimes it's a bit too much for me to take in all at once.......
but I wouldn't want it any other way!


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