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wedding wednesday - 59 days to wedded bliss

T.G.I.W y'all!! for.real. I feel like this week has happened twice already. It has been a long process BUT...... the invitations are finally done!!! hooray! this has been one of the hardest yet most rewarding projects I have ever worked on. that I'm not getting a grade for.  Babe was such a trooper for helping me out and making sure things were constantly progressing. He did ALL of the cutting of all the background paper
(so if somethings a little crooked - blame him => ) and worked hard to see this project through to the end. There are several people I have to thank who all helped make this process go just a little bit easier and to kept me from tearing my hair out: Babe -  I have never loved him so much as I did last night while he was diligently placing labels on envelopes and stuffing them ever so gently w/ the completed invitation. His patience has been immeasurable. He's also told me we were never doing this again either.
Next on my list - the fabulous Melissa Munding. A-MAZING. S…

tuesday truth

I have become that "woman". You know the one. Who gets engaged and is all  "oh I won't get all obsessive over shades of green" or " I don't care WHAT they wear to the wedding....." or better still  "I'm not going to focus solely on the wedding. I'm going to make sure I have other things to talk about as well" Yeah. that didn't happen.. Slowly but surely I have become "one of those people" who can't seem to shut up about their upcoming nuptials, tells everyone who will listen what new "fabulous" idea  you've just had or craft you've just finished. All the while KNOWING that these people don't really care about the minutia the way I do. But I find myself running off at the mouth to virtual strangers about centerpieces and shoe options! how did this happen? At what point did I turn into this slightly self -absorbed, wedding junkie?? I mean, I have ALWAYS liked a good wedding. I dug the planning process, the…

a magnificent monday

"oh what a beeeyouuuutiful morrrrrning  oh what a beeeeyouuuutiful day I've got a wonderful feeeeeeling, everything's going my way......"
pretty much what I woke up feeling like. even though it's "Monday". I just feel good.  things are progressing at a rate in which I am happy with. This weekend was quite productive and relaxing and that ALWAYS makes me happy. We had a cake tasting on Saturday and that was delicious as usual We finally decided on a cake. Yes. an actual cake. Originally I wanted cupcakes  but since I am unable to bring in my own baker and use HER  and all of her cupcake mastery. I will 'settle' for a yummy tasting cake w/ AMAZING fillings. So we can check that off the list. Saturday I  also received a FABULOUS surprise in the mail from  THIS amazing photographer as a 'thank you'. No, Melissa - thank YOU!!! Sunday it was all spring cleaning - we scrubbed the house from top to bottom. Our vacuum has been on the fritz for the past 6 months or…

the "superwoman" syndrome

there's this strange myth going around these days: women have super powers not just super powers of persuasion I mean people really and truly believe that because you are female you can a) juggle more tasks at once b) handle whatever life throws at you - while remaining poised c) be everything to every body d) do it ALL with no help
and while I will say that I'm certainly guilty of thinking that way it sometimes stinks to be pigeonholed into that kind of box. Especially at a time you when you need help the most!!!! But I digress. I'm just amazed at all women do each day. ALL women. Not just the  working /stay at home mommies  ( although you ladies do more in a day than most do all week) Women run this world in case you didn't know (sorry to all you men out there who thought you were in charge - not so much fellas)
We marvel at the woman who has the time and ability to cook a homemade dinner 5 nights a week, clean the house, do the laundry and still please their men.
All while maintain…

Martini's, fabulous finds and Fringe

Well, it's Monday and I must say that as of right now - it's not too bad at all. it was a pretty rad weekend. We were able to sleep in both days which has been something of an anomaly as of late, I got my hair done AND a much needed pedicure, I hung out with my girlfriend and her sister on Sunday for our Hot Mom's Night Out. we are SO going back to doing that once a month!!! I might even start a Facebook fan page so everyone can join!! Wouldn't that be fun!!  On the wedding front - Invites are NOT finished.  apparently my mind works faster than my hands......... so it's taking me a tad longer than I would like. Not to worry though - I stopped off at Michael's on Thursday to get the ribbon and crystals I needed to add some PIZAZZ and was slightly disappointed to discover that they did not carry the shade of purple I required. No worries though, I will make do with this other 'fun' shade. then I get home and the color nazi ( Babe) is like - those don't match.  Ra…

Fantastic Friday

the actual amount of blogging in the last few weeks has left much to be desired. On my part that is. I'm sure you all couldn't care less if I post only once or twice a week. I've been doing a LOT lately and by the time I get to blogging about it...... my brain has shut down another perk to working on / looking at a computer ALL day. By the time you have some "free" time - you don't want to look at one! so that being said - I have gone back to (gasp!) journaling!!! My mind is going crazy with a variety of topics and ideas , some of which are a little to personal for the blog-o-sphere so I just put pen to paper instead. and its been helping a bit but I've realized I enjoy blogging because of the feedback. Not because I have  x number of followers but because of the lives I get to touch or peek into each day/week/comment. I love that. Anywho - since today is Friday (whoo hoo!!!) I thought I would post about some FANTASTIC things that have happened or are happening: In no p…

wedding wednesday - 73 days!!!!

Yesterday I turned a corner in the wedding planning/crazy person process. I went and picked up my invitations. I.AM. SO. EXCITED. like, for real - jump up and down squealing kind of excited. and I did exactly that upon arriving at my Dad's and seeing how fabulous they turned out!! I mentioned herethe lovely Melissa Munding designed them based on the 'examples' I had and they came out even better than expected and EXACTLY how I imagined them!!
Of course it was too late to take a well lit picture of them - not to mention one camera is mal-functioning and the other is not charged. Booooo. So this is the only image I have  (taken w/ my phone with the early morning dark in our office) I cannot wait to finish putting them all together ( I have delusions that I can have it all done by Saturday Sunday at the latest) and to be able to show you all the final product! this has been such a source of stress labor of love that I am glad to have seen it through to the end! I stayed true to my vision A…

the GREAT shoe debate

so as you all read here (you read that right?)  I found my blessed wedding shoes and placed an order for them to be shipped this week! Hooray! Or not. Saturday morning I received an email from said company that my shoes were out of stock and were unlikely to become available by my wedding date and would I like to order them in Black or Champagne? Ummm no. That will not work. I ordered PURPLE because I wanted PURPLE. now - some folks do not understand nor appreciate my desire to wear colorful kicks on my special day. and that's fine. but if you know me at all...... you get it. heck, even if you've only read this blog a few times - you probably get it!  having said that I am now in a shoe quandary as I am faced with  : what am I going to wear now?  thus begins yet another massive purple shoe search. so here's what I've found so far that I  LURVE.......
option A)

option B) option C)
option D) option E)
THIS is where you come in my lovely friends See I am terribly indecisive when it comes to…

wedding wednesday - a few days late

on today's episode of wedding Wednesday we have_ the initial fitting! whoo hoo!! So last night me and one of my bridesmaids and another friend cruised out to DB for my first dress fitting! As you may remember from this  and this I have been working my tush off to get/stay in shape for this wedding and it has paid off!! 
I was able to slip into my dress with ease and it even had to be taken in quite a bit as well!!
It was as pretty as I remembered and it made me all the more excited.
78 days to go!
can't believe it's almost here!
this whole wedding planning process is a bit like giving birth in that you wait for so long for this one blessed event to occur
you blink
and the moment has come, blink again and it's over!
Trust that I am doing my best to savor every moment and enjoy this process.
Babe and I have had so much fun doing this, together.
Some days/topics are a bit more stressful than others but we have learned a LOT about ourselves and the kind of relationship we have in th…

doing without

i got a text from my uncle this morning. now he's pretty funny + sarcastic 90% of the time so he's my kind of person but his text really made me think He said: "what am I going to do on Sunday and who with?" and instantly my shroud of grief came back over me this is the first mothers day without his beloved mother. yikes. the first time in years that I can't call my gramma and tell her 'thank you' for being an amazing matriarch and mothering ME as well as raising my mom, aunts and uncles. the first time I won't hear her laugh on the other end as Sweet Pea recounts the events of her week. and it hurts. bad. And then I think of my aunts, uncles and my mother - how they must be feeling and what is going through their minds. I cannot really fathom that kind of emotion. (and to be honest I don't really want to - this is hard enough) But I can (and do) pray for them and their hearts - that they may heal, and the wound becomes less painful over time. (your scars are e…

BFF's & babies

i am surrounded by babies and best friends. not necessarily in that order but it's a good feeling to have. especially now. I think I've posted about how I've been feeling out of sorts and just all over the place with all that we've had going on, so it should come as no surprise that I have been reaching out to my "girls"  a LOT lately. aside from the fact that these women are going to stand beside me on my wedding day - they actually 'get' me. I was filling out my calendar for this month and realized that somehow I managed to finagle not one but TWO girls nights this month! shut the front door! How did I do that you ask? Well - once upon a time , my girlfriends and I formed the "Hot Mom's Club" meaning we are all the same age and have children and could occasionally use a night out, so once a month for about a year we would meet for dinner and just hang out until we absolutely had to go home. Then one moved up north for about a year and half so we …

musings on monday

so the weekend was GREAT and you can read more about it in the rundown
yesterday I was be-bopping around the bedroom while getting ready as I discovered Babe's "Oldies" mix on his ipod.
well because my soul was born during another time period.
a time where there were juke joints, sock hops and a raging party consisted of coke ,popcorn and 'Twistin the Night Away'.
So as I was boogy-ing to my hearts content to Sam Cooke and some of my Motown faves - I started thinking 'wow. this reminds me of my college days."
and then thought about it.
and promptly burst into a fit of giggles.
Sam Cooke reminds me of being in college.
Um. Yeah.
thats sounds a bit strange and you're probably all like 'heyyyyy wait a're not that old'
and you're right. I'm not.
But I LOVE older music and I had a friend in college who lent me his Sam Cooke CD.
changed my life and I haven't been right ever since.
So yeah - …

the rundown - new eyes, some giggles & bbq

whew! Monday again! and the beginning of a whole new month! one month closer to my birthday and two months closer to our wedding day! yikes!  still so much to do! this weekend was a bit more relaxing than the last few have been but busy non-the-less. Saturday we hit the post office bright and early to order our passports (Viva Los Cabos!!!) then ran to Target to get some .....well I mean does it even matter? it's Target! But I wanted to get another t-shirt and some wife beater tanks (they were on sale for $6) and are SUPER soft and comfy. LOVE.LOVE.LOVE. stopped at the store to get some xtra meat for Sunday's grill fest then it was off to get a hair cut for Babe at the Cox's! Love that they are our neighbors AND friends! After that we went to lunch at our FAVORITE place and it was such a lovely day - we decided to eat outdoors! AND we had a coupon!  Score one for our team! After lunch it was off to the eye doctor  ( i have never been so excited to have my eyes checked in my life) It was a …

an OFF day

Yesterday was one of those rare times when I was off in the middle of the week. and fortunately for me it happened to be a nice day out as well. (minus these prairie like winds - what the heck????) I had an appointment at the DMV early in morning and a bunch of other pertinent matters to attend to - not to mention I have been both physically & emotionally maxed out the last few weeks and  truly needed the reprieve. Especially since our weekends have been so packed as of late. After my errands I stopped by my neighbor friend Niki's house and ended up running  a few errands with her! LOL! I had to share with her about the new Cynthia Vincent for Target shoe collection check it out here  SO CUTE!
And we even managed to pick out some super CAHUUTE shoes for her as well!!

To top it off my ADORABLE co-worker and friend went into labor in the wee hours of the morning and by late evening had delivered an 8lb baby girl!!!
So. Excited. 
like. beyond.
that news was pretty much the icing on my …