the write stuff - rambling prose

you know what I've found?
I miss blogging when I don't do it often
I feel like I have withdrawal symptoms or something. 
Not because I'm the worlds greatest blogger or my "followers" are clamoring for more from me.
it's simply the cheapest form of therapy I've found.
I love to write. 
I have always kept a journal of some sort for years  - it was always a good way for me to express myself and articulate my emotions as that's something I had trouble with.
so this for me- is so much MORE than "just a blog". some silly little thing I do.
honest and true
slightly filtered (cant' put it ALL out there) 
but it's 100% me.
my brain moves a million miles a minute and if I have "ideas" I get flustered trying to get them from brain to paper.
so blogging/writing helps.
I wanted to get more disciplined w/ my writing because i've figured out that it is most likely my destiny to write a book of some kind.
not that I think I'm SO interesting but the stuff that happens to me or I see is pretty stinking hilarious 90% of the time.
and most people don't believe me when I relay these sights and stories.
but I can't make this kind of stuff up!!!
but anyway I digress.
I have come to discover this is my happy place.
my own little safe world.
and it kind of irks me that I somewhat "play it safe"
I don't post anything super controversial (at least I don't think so) or super profound
but I also don't say EVERYTHING I'm thinking.
Or even publish everything I've written.
and I don't air dirty laundry so to speak but there are times when I just want to tell everyone some of the ISH that I encounter, have to listen to and deal with.
but I don't.
because MY world is a happy place.
full of sunshine and butterflies.
the occasional gray sky but after the rain, out comes the sun and then comes a rainbow!
and we all know what's at the end of a rainbow right?

lucky charms!

ok so this was a bit of a ramble but welcome to my brain!


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