what day is it again?

Tuesday, I'm beginning to think, is WAY harder than Monday.
Lately it seems as if I have been jumping feet first into Monday but by Tuesday......dragging.
My tiredness may have something to do w/ the fact that I get up and the butt crack of dawn to work out 3 days a week and haven't been doing so.
Or it can just be that I'm overtired and have scheduled myself and my family to the hilt.
We have been SO busy lately but I have really been doing my best to make sure we get some kind of "rest" on the weekends.
This past week, though was exceptionally crazy. 
Sweet Pea had Spring Break and we had planned to let her go to the Valley and spend some time with her Auntie and cousins. 
However, as we came back on Sunday from San Diego (more about that later - I'm behind on posts)  I learned that my mom had to work so there was no way for Sweet Pea to catch a ride with her to the Valley.
Boo. So we re-group and decide she will go w/ her Granna for the day Monday and then we can figure it out.
Circumstances being what they were, Babe's car pretty much overheated & blew up Monday after picking up the kid so our plans to head out the Valley that evening went out the window. 
And we now have to get another car.
Not a MAJOR deal as we had planned on getting another this year anyway - BUT we wanted to wait until after the wedding and money wasn't SO tight.
But clearly God's sense of humor was in effect and He showed us - He had other plans.
We ended up sending her to the city run Day Camp for the week and she had a GREAT time.
Tuesday = roller skating
Wedneday = Park Day ; she got her face painted
Thursday = Movie Day ; brought pillows & blankets and painted a pet rock
Friday = 50's party day
 Suffice to say she had a blast! 
However, with Babe's car on the fritz we have been sharing mine for the last week which means he and Sweet Pea have to get up EXTRA early to take me to the train station, then go back home and finish getting ready.
I feel terrible but it's actually been kind of nice. 
We get to chat in the car both ways and overall just like the closeness of the "family feeling".

Before I knew it, it was Saturday and time for Cake Tasting Weekend!!!
So we got our taste on ( more on that in tomorrow's Wedding Wednesday).
Then proceeded to run errands, and try and check out some cars.
We went home for some rest only to get up and do it all again on Sunday! 
Except this time dinner was included!
whoo hoo!!! No cooking for Mama!
LOVE that.
So dinner was yummy, and Auntie, cousin J and Poopy Pie were able to join us and give us their two cents as well.
All in all it has been a crazy busy week + weekend and I'm looking forward to just being chill this weekend and vegging out w/ my family!

What have you all been up to???


  1. Girl, I feel you on the Tuesday thing. Today was wayyy wayyy worse. But I guess technically, today was my Wednesday...butanywayssss.
    I totally feel you on God and His love to change things up haha. Not so funny sometimes!!! But in retrospect, I know I'll have clarity, and then I will probably find it quite entertaining.

  2. Man, you seriously always succeed in exhausting me when recapping your weekend! Sorry SweetPea's plans got waylayed but it sounds like y'all worked it out! Sometimes the best plans come from having to regroup! Can't wait to read Wedding Wednesday! :)


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