weekend wrap up

it's been awhile since I was last able to sit and be co-herent.
not for lack of trying but my life is pretty much topsy turvy these days and this past weekend was NO exception!
As usual we hit the ground running BRIGHT and EARLY Saturday morning.
7am to be exact.
Needless to say Babe and I weren't thrilled to be getting up so early on our days off but it was for a good reason:
Sweet Pea's school was participating in a district wide track meet!
Oh how I love a Saturday morning track meet!
Made me nostalgic for my "glory days" when I was a high jumper.
I used to be pretty good too!
Not to toot my own horn or anything - but if I don't who will?
but that was all a million years ago and I would probably hurt myself if I tried to get out there now!
and embarrass myself beyond belief.........so there went that idea.
Anywho - so Sweet Pea was in 3 events:
Long Jump, the 50 , the 100 and the 400m relay ( also known as the 4x1 in the "track world")
She really tried hard and did her best and we were SO proud! 
Her relay team even came in SECOND PLACE!!! 
whoo hooo!!!
I'd like to think it's because my Sweet Pea set the pace of the race & the tone.........so I'm going to hold on to that!
Our good friends and neighbors the Cox's were also there as their son was running as well!
His team came in 3rd in the 4 x1 relay!
We are so proud of these kids!
They really practiced hard and came to play just as hard!
Her meet lasted most of the day so after we left there were 500 other things on the days "to -do" list so we knocked those out and then finally headed home.
I crashed for about 1.5 hrs and then got up to make some Blondies ( don't ask - must've been dreaming about them)
Sunday was another long and eventful day.
Our other good friends the Johnson's were celebrating Miss A's 11th birthday so we made the trek out to Valencia to get our Six Flags on!!
I haven't been there in about 10+ years so it was super fun to go and see what all had changed!
Sweet Pea is now tall enough to go on most of the rides so it was a LOT more fun for her than it has been in past trips to amusement parks where the older & taller kids want to go on a particular ride and she can't go.........
she really had a good time
of course I have no pictures because my camera is broken =(
but the memories are just as good!
all in all it was a good day!

we had a great time, made some new memories and got to hang out with some of our favorite people!
Unfortunately the weekend went by to fast and here we are back at Monday!

So - what did YOU do this weekend?


  1. I LOVE track meets! How fun to watch Sweet Pea get her track-and-field on. We had a pretty good weekend around here...lots of hanging out on the front porch and drinking beers with friends. My kind of weekend. :)


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