I'm feeling like a bit of a failure.
I have no "fun" wedding updates.
My attendants dresses have all come in so that's a good thing.
The tuxes have been picked out.
Still need to order the dresses for the flower girls among a meeeeelion other things.
Working on the schedule/ timeline for the wedding week and the day-of.
A wonderful friend offered to help "produce" our wedding.
She's actually a news producer for KTLA and has already established herself as a force to be reckoned with.
I will SO be taking her up on that.
We're having a hard time coming up with a song for our "Grand Entrance" - can't decide how silly or serious we actually want to be.
speaking of silly - so I was watching this show "Four Weddings" on TLC I think?
anywho - the premise is where four brides each attend each other's weddings and rate them and the one with the highest score wins a FABULOUS honeymoon "someplace amazing".
Sounds easy enough right?
It's kind of interesting though as none of the brides have the same ideals, backgrounds, lifestyles or budgets.
but it's also a little judgemental - I mean they're essentially passing judgement on another persons tatstes (not like we don't all do it)
so back to the show - these four VERY different ladies each went to 3 VERY different weddings.
 They then scored each bride based on venue, dress and food.
One of the women - who was only about 21 was seriously upset about one of the other brides actions during her ceremony.
The woman (let's call her Karen) and her husband were clearly enjoying themselves, laughing and joking throughout their vows. and the younger woman (let's call her Sara) was upset and disturbed by the whole thing. She felt that the marriage ceremony and vows should be serious business.
In her own wedding it was a very serious ceremony but a fun lighthearted reception.
and while I agree that vows should be taken seriously I also don't see anything wrong with injecting a little humor into them.
But then again I don't see anything wrong w/ injecting a little humor into most things.
See I'm not a real 'serious' person. I LOVE to laugh.
and I love to laugh w/ my man. I happen to think that he is hilarious and we like to have fun.
And since we are writing our own vows I'm pretty sure there will be some jokes in there.
Because that's who we are
crazy-wacked-out nut jobs
yeah. all of that.
and I love that about us.
But back to the music - so we are having a hard time narrowing down a song.

I have quite a few in mind and next week I will reveal some of the top contenders but want to hear from some of you.
What was your grand entrance song?
what is the weirdest/best/ worst song you ever heard at any wedding you've attended?


  1. We didn't have a grand entrance song! We kept it low key and just went to Cactus Jacks, a steakhouse, for dinner with the peeps since we only had about 35 people in attendance cause we like it chill. But we did have some accidental humor in our ceremony! Our pastor forgot to pass it over to the scripture reader, Randy, so he just stood up on the stage awkwardly for about 15 minutes and then tried to sneak off...which was when the pastor realized he forgot! haha.

  2. Tammi Terrell and Marvin Gaye... You're all I need to get by... such a good song... maybe play this as the crowd files out of the wedding area...??? I heard this song and immediately thought of your wedding!!


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