wedding wednesday - invitations, tastings, dresses & more!

 Guess what folks? it's time for our weekly wedding installment!!
what you're not excited about all the mundane details that go into a wedding?
Well, then you've come to the wrong place today!!!

for this week's edition we will focus on........well.....what I've gotten done over the past two weeks!

So last week I was in a bit of a panic as I had purchased the pocket folds & envelopes and ordered the paper to create our invitations but was having a heck of a time coming up with the actual design layout!
Now I am pretty decent in Illustrator but since I've been out of school I haven't used it as much and it was taking FOREVER for my memory to jog itself and get back into it.
So I did what any smart woman would do.
I asked for help.
And boy did I get it!
I emailed  my future brother in law (a graphic designer)  my ideas but knew he had other projects he was working on as well.
I then (sent out an S.O.S)  enlisted the help of the fabulous Melissa Munding who also happens to be getting married this year!
Melissa rocked my world.
In the span of 48 hours Melissa had created my dream invitation (better than I could have done) and was so nonchalant about it!!
she is A-MAZING.
Seriously go HERE and check out her work.
I sent the "rough" drafts to Babe and he was super impressed!
Then Brother-in-law sent us his design and we figured it was perfect for the table names/numbers as the design matched that of the table cloths!
Another win!!
whoo hoo!!!

Then I get a call saying my dress is HERE!!
say whaaaat????
AND I'm ready to pay it off? even better.
This past weekend was super busy for us as we had two cake tasting's and a food tasting for our dinner menu as well!
Because of our package at The Coco Palm we are able to have the cake included so long as we use one of their "preferred vendors".
Which unfortunately means we can't use the uber fabulous Sarah at  For the Love of Sugar as originally planned but will most likely be utilizing her services for another of the wedding festivities.
So Saturday it was off to Some Crust Bakery in Claremont,CA  - we tasted about 5 flavors w/ two different types of icing.
It was good but I wasn't blown away and neither was Babe.
Although he did appreciate the lemon custard filling in the "lemon cake"
p.s. white cake w/ lemon custard a lemon cake does not make!
After an immense amount of sugar in one sitting we headed to David's Bridal to pick up THE dress!
what a delightful experience!
Then we stopped off at DSW so I could "just check and see" if they had my wedding shoes......they did not BUT I did find some killer BCBG Paris shoes I plan on coming back for!
After DSW it was off to the Jeweler to pick up Babe's ring which he had picked out the week before.
YES - he picked out his own ring.
NO- I wasn't there for it.
I was at Sea World w/ Sweet Pea =)
It's his ring and he has to wear it so it's really not mine to choose.
but he did an excellent job
(ummm hello of course he did! MINE is amazing so his would be no less)
I must admit I was a little unnerved to see a ring on his finger.
In the 11+ years I've known him the only jewelry I've ever seen him wear were his earrings
( it was the 90's don't judge) and a watch.
so it was a bit disconcerting to see him with a ring on his finger.
but also exciting.
it's for real all happening now!
let's take a moment to reflect on that shall we????
annnnnd we're back.....

Sunday was another day full of tastings.
We started the morning at Sweet Art Cakes in Upland, CA where the options were a bit more varied.
Of course Sweet Pea enjoyed herself (cake at 11am? yes please!) and the offerings were a step up from the day before so that was a HUGE plus!
After that it was home for a nap (me) and breakfast (Sweet Pea and Babe)
and then off to dinner tasting!!!

Huge thanks to the Coco Palm for hosting us and sister-in law#1 + Cousin + mini me cousin
and catering to the fanciful flights of a 3 and 8yr. old.
very well played.

So we tasted everything on the menu while trying to decide what to choose for a main entree.....
talk about YUMMM
everything was good
I am the pickiest of eaters and I was so happy with all my food.
Even the Sea Bass and yo no quiero pescado!!!

This weekend we're heading to the O.C. to hang out w/ my dad and go pick up the paper for my invitations and take it all to the printers!!!!
I can't wait to see the finished product!!!

ok I think that's all for this week!

see you next wednesday for another re-cap!!!

Hey - do YOU have any fun wedding planning memories or stories you'd like to share?
what was the craziest thing someone said about your whole wedding 'vision'?
Anyone show up unannounced?
Get drunk and fall over?
what was your favorite memory?

share with me!!!


  1. Awe!! I am sooo glad you great progress! .... my favorite wedding memory is listening to my maid of honor and Eric's best man give speeches... I was so touched by the thoughtfulness of what they said.

  2. GO GIRL!!!!!!
    My favorite thing was when people would RSVP no and then show up anyways. Love that. Classy.

  3. WOo hoo! Glad I could help!

    My dad has some super interesting "ideas" about what should happen at a wedding. He asked me if we were going to have a champagne fountain. Um NO. Then he suggested that for beverages we should hire a company like Coca Cola to come set up a drink cart. Um double NO. So weird.

    I can't believe how many people have been stressing about what to wear. People who aren't IN the wedding at all, just attendees. I thought that was my job!


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