warning labels

they come with everything right?
I used to get a kick out of my collection of music blatantly marked w/ the

that always killed me.
But I feel like some PEOPLE should for sure come with warning labels or disclaimers.
you know, " snores a lot","excessive  & heavy mouth breathing", "chews loudly", no personality", "jerk", "mean girl"etc.....

Me included.
Think maybe mine would be "Loud" , "Inadvertently puts foot in mouth", "gestures wildly" etc.....
Now you may be asking : where the heck did this thought process even come from?! 
Oh you're not?
well I'm going to tell you anyway.
The other night I met up w/ a girlfriend from H.S. that I haven't hung out w/ in about 10+ years. 
We were always friends in school but lost touch after I moved right out of high school.
We re-connected on FB last year and I was so excited to find her!
Then when she heard I was getting married she was such a blessing in helping me find a location that fit our needs.
and when that location folded - she was the one who called to tell me!
So - I was on my way to meet her and her fiance for drinks and was so excited I could hardly see straight but I was also kind of nervous.
Because I've known Elisa since I'm 12 and my personality hasn't changed THAT much in the last 10 years that she knows what to expect from me.
But here I am meeting this guy for the first time and what if he thinks I'm a total nut job?
(yes we already know I am - but he doesn't know that! or didn't at the time - now who knows....)
anywho - I had a thought that maybe I should come w/ a disclaimer or warning label
so people can be like
" This is my friend Amber. She's loud. Gestures wildly and occasionally speaks without thinking".
It would save a lot of time later on I think.
Not to mention completely change the way people communicate.
No more rationalizing your friends behaviour or comments.
Family members will understand that friend/cousin/sister/uncle doesn't mean any harm - that's just the way they ARE.

Suffice to say he didn't think I was a TOTAL nut job (well at least not to my face) and I think he appreciated my humor so it ended up working out but........sometimes I wonder.

Would things be easier?

what do you y'all think?


  1. Hahaha yes. It would help me decide where to work, thats for sure! :)

  2. I totally agree!! My friends would introduce me as, "This is Gareen. She is sarcastic, aloof and gets annoyed easily. Ironically, she generally likes everyone."


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