getting it out

i feel like I have pregnancy/baby brain
you know where you are trying to complete a thought and just when it's on the tip of your tongue it goes away?
yeah. that's what's been happening to me the past few days.
start a million things.
finish one.
have all these thoughts and ideas and forget to implement or share them with anyone.
it makes me want to growl
It doesn't help that I have all these thoughts and haven't been writing like I usually do when my brain turns to mush.
I just have WAY too much stuff on my mind.
too many questions swirling around - not enough answers
I have too much to do and not enough hours in the day.
don't get me wrong - I'm not complaining
not one bit.
I LOVE to be busy.
I love the hubub and bustle of a busy office/house and getting things together to complete a project.
what I DON"T love is the current nonsense that is cluttering up my brain.
it's affecting everythign!
my concentration is blown and I'm having a hard time staying focused.
now if you've met me you realize that's not saying a lot! it's hard for me to focus on a lot of things!!
I am usually doing more than one thing at at time and enjoy it!
(whoever said you can't split your concentration and do more than one thing well obviously never met a Gemini like me.)

but lately - i'm all over the place........
like this post.
does it even make sense? am I just rambling?
probably not and I'm sure I am but boy does it feel good to "get it out there".


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