Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I'm feeling like a bit of a failure.
I have no "fun" wedding updates.
My attendants dresses have all come in so that's a good thing.
The tuxes have been picked out.
Still need to order the dresses for the flower girls among a meeeeelion other things.
Working on the schedule/ timeline for the wedding week and the day-of.
A wonderful friend offered to help "produce" our wedding.
She's actually a news producer for KTLA and has already established herself as a force to be reckoned with.
I will SO be taking her up on that.
We're having a hard time coming up with a song for our "Grand Entrance" - can't decide how silly or serious we actually want to be.
speaking of silly - so I was watching this show "Four Weddings" on TLC I think?
anywho - the premise is where four brides each attend each other's weddings and rate them and the one with the highest score wins a FABULOUS honeymoon "someplace amazing".
Sounds easy enough right?
It's kind of interesting though as none of the brides have the same ideals, backgrounds, lifestyles or budgets.
but it's also a little judgemental - I mean they're essentially passing judgement on another persons tatstes (not like we don't all do it)
so back to the show - these four VERY different ladies each went to 3 VERY different weddings.
 They then scored each bride based on venue, dress and food.
One of the women - who was only about 21 was seriously upset about one of the other brides actions during her ceremony.
The woman (let's call her Karen) and her husband were clearly enjoying themselves, laughing and joking throughout their vows. and the younger woman (let's call her Sara) was upset and disturbed by the whole thing. She felt that the marriage ceremony and vows should be serious business.
In her own wedding it was a very serious ceremony but a fun lighthearted reception.
and while I agree that vows should be taken seriously I also don't see anything wrong with injecting a little humor into them.
But then again I don't see anything wrong w/ injecting a little humor into most things.
See I'm not a real 'serious' person. I LOVE to laugh.
and I love to laugh w/ my man. I happen to think that he is hilarious and we like to have fun.
And since we are writing our own vows I'm pretty sure there will be some jokes in there.
Because that's who we are
crazy-wacked-out nut jobs
yeah. all of that.
and I love that about us.
But back to the music - so we are having a hard time narrowing down a song.

I have quite a few in mind and next week I will reveal some of the top contenders but want to hear from some of you.
What was your grand entrance song?
what is the weirdest/best/ worst song you ever heard at any wedding you've attended?

Monday, April 26, 2010

weekend wrap up

it's been awhile since I was last able to sit and be co-herent.
not for lack of trying but my life is pretty much topsy turvy these days and this past weekend was NO exception!
As usual we hit the ground running BRIGHT and EARLY Saturday morning.
7am to be exact.
Needless to say Babe and I weren't thrilled to be getting up so early on our days off but it was for a good reason:
Sweet Pea's school was participating in a district wide track meet!
Oh how I love a Saturday morning track meet!
Made me nostalgic for my "glory days" when I was a high jumper.
I used to be pretty good too!
Not to toot my own horn or anything - but if I don't who will?
but that was all a million years ago and I would probably hurt myself if I tried to get out there now!
and embarrass myself beyond there went that idea.
Anywho - so Sweet Pea was in 3 events:
Long Jump, the 50 , the 100 and the 400m relay ( also known as the 4x1 in the "track world")
She really tried hard and did her best and we were SO proud! 
Her relay team even came in SECOND PLACE!!! 
whoo hooo!!!
I'd like to think it's because my Sweet Pea set the pace of the race & the I'm going to hold on to that!
Our good friends and neighbors the Cox's were also there as their son was running as well!
His team came in 3rd in the 4 x1 relay!
We are so proud of these kids!
They really practiced hard and came to play just as hard!
Her meet lasted most of the day so after we left there were 500 other things on the days "to -do" list so we knocked those out and then finally headed home.
I crashed for about 1.5 hrs and then got up to make some Blondies ( don't ask - must've been dreaming about them)
Sunday was another long and eventful day.
Our other good friends the Johnson's were celebrating Miss A's 11th birthday so we made the trek out to Valencia to get our Six Flags on!!
I haven't been there in about 10+ years so it was super fun to go and see what all had changed!
Sweet Pea is now tall enough to go on most of the rides so it was a LOT more fun for her than it has been in past trips to amusement parks where the older & taller kids want to go on a particular ride and she can't go.........
she really had a good time
of course I have no pictures because my camera is broken =(
but the memories are just as good!
all in all it was a good day!

we had a great time, made some new memories and got to hang out with some of our favorite people!
Unfortunately the weekend went by to fast and here we are back at Monday!

So - what did YOU do this weekend?

the write stuff - rambling prose

you know what I've found?
I miss blogging when I don't do it often
I feel like I have withdrawal symptoms or something. 
Not because I'm the worlds greatest blogger or my "followers" are clamoring for more from me.
it's simply the cheapest form of therapy I've found.
I love to write. 
I have always kept a journal of some sort for years  - it was always a good way for me to express myself and articulate my emotions as that's something I had trouble with.
so this for me- is so much MORE than "just a blog". some silly little thing I do.
honest and true
slightly filtered (cant' put it ALL out there) 
but it's 100% me.
my brain moves a million miles a minute and if I have "ideas" I get flustered trying to get them from brain to paper.
so blogging/writing helps.
I wanted to get more disciplined w/ my writing because i've figured out that it is most likely my destiny to write a book of some kind.
not that I think I'm SO interesting but the stuff that happens to me or I see is pretty stinking hilarious 90% of the time.
and most people don't believe me when I relay these sights and stories.
but I can't make this kind of stuff up!!!
but anyway I digress.
I have come to discover this is my happy place.
my own little safe world.
and it kind of irks me that I somewhat "play it safe"
I don't post anything super controversial (at least I don't think so) or super profound
but I also don't say EVERYTHING I'm thinking.
Or even publish everything I've written.
and I don't air dirty laundry so to speak but there are times when I just want to tell everyone some of the ISH that I encounter, have to listen to and deal with.
but I don't.
because MY world is a happy place.
full of sunshine and butterflies.
the occasional gray sky but after the rain, out comes the sun and then comes a rainbow!
and we all know what's at the end of a rainbow right?

lucky charms!

ok so this was a bit of a ramble but welcome to my brain!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

warning labels

they come with everything right?
I used to get a kick out of my collection of music blatantly marked w/ the

that always killed me.
But I feel like some PEOPLE should for sure come with warning labels or disclaimers.
you know, " snores a lot","excessive  & heavy mouth breathing", "chews loudly", no personality", "jerk", "mean girl"etc.....

Me included.
Think maybe mine would be "Loud" , "Inadvertently puts foot in mouth", "gestures wildly" etc.....
Now you may be asking : where the heck did this thought process even come from?! 
Oh you're not?
well I'm going to tell you anyway.
The other night I met up w/ a girlfriend from H.S. that I haven't hung out w/ in about 10+ years. 
We were always friends in school but lost touch after I moved right out of high school.
We re-connected on FB last year and I was so excited to find her!
Then when she heard I was getting married she was such a blessing in helping me find a location that fit our needs.
and when that location folded - she was the one who called to tell me!
So - I was on my way to meet her and her fiance for drinks and was so excited I could hardly see straight but I was also kind of nervous.
Because I've known Elisa since I'm 12 and my personality hasn't changed THAT much in the last 10 years that she knows what to expect from me.
But here I am meeting this guy for the first time and what if he thinks I'm a total nut job?
(yes we already know I am - but he doesn't know that! or didn't at the time - now who knows....)
anywho - I had a thought that maybe I should come w/ a disclaimer or warning label
so people can be like
" This is my friend Amber. She's loud. Gestures wildly and occasionally speaks without thinking".
It would save a lot of time later on I think.
Not to mention completely change the way people communicate.
No more rationalizing your friends behaviour or comments.
Family members will understand that friend/cousin/sister/uncle doesn't mean any harm - that's just the way they ARE.

Suffice to say he didn't think I was a TOTAL nut job (well at least not to my face) and I think he appreciated my humor so it ended up working out but........sometimes I wonder.

Would things be easier?

what do you y'all think?

Thursday, April 15, 2010

getting it out

i feel like I have pregnancy/baby brain
you know where you are trying to complete a thought and just when it's on the tip of your tongue it goes away?
yeah. that's what's been happening to me the past few days.
start a million things.
finish one.
have all these thoughts and ideas and forget to implement or share them with anyone.
it makes me want to growl
It doesn't help that I have all these thoughts and haven't been writing like I usually do when my brain turns to mush.
I just have WAY too much stuff on my mind.
too many questions swirling around - not enough answers
I have too much to do and not enough hours in the day.
don't get me wrong - I'm not complaining
not one bit.
I LOVE to be busy.
I love the hubub and bustle of a busy office/house and getting things together to complete a project.
what I DON"T love is the current nonsense that is cluttering up my brain.
it's affecting everythign!
my concentration is blown and I'm having a hard time staying focused.
now if you've met me you realize that's not saying a lot! it's hard for me to focus on a lot of things!!
I am usually doing more than one thing at at time and enjoy it!
(whoever said you can't split your concentration and do more than one thing well obviously never met a Gemini like me.)

but lately - i'm all over the place........
like this post.
does it even make sense? am I just rambling?
probably not and I'm sure I am but boy does it feel good to "get it out there".

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

wedding wednesday - invitations, tastings, dresses & more!

 Guess what folks? it's time for our weekly wedding installment!!
what you're not excited about all the mundane details that go into a wedding?
Well, then you've come to the wrong place today!!!

for this week's edition we will focus on........well.....what I've gotten done over the past two weeks!

So last week I was in a bit of a panic as I had purchased the pocket folds & envelopes and ordered the paper to create our invitations but was having a heck of a time coming up with the actual design layout!
Now I am pretty decent in Illustrator but since I've been out of school I haven't used it as much and it was taking FOREVER for my memory to jog itself and get back into it.
So I did what any smart woman would do.
I asked for help.
And boy did I get it!
I emailed  my future brother in law (a graphic designer)  my ideas but knew he had other projects he was working on as well.
I then (sent out an S.O.S)  enlisted the help of the fabulous Melissa Munding who also happens to be getting married this year!
Melissa rocked my world.
In the span of 48 hours Melissa had created my dream invitation (better than I could have done) and was so nonchalant about it!!
she is A-MAZING.
Seriously go HERE and check out her work.
I sent the "rough" drafts to Babe and he was super impressed!
Then Brother-in-law sent us his design and we figured it was perfect for the table names/numbers as the design matched that of the table cloths!
Another win!!
whoo hoo!!!

Then I get a call saying my dress is HERE!!
say whaaaat????
AND I'm ready to pay it off? even better.
This past weekend was super busy for us as we had two cake tasting's and a food tasting for our dinner menu as well!
Because of our package at The Coco Palm we are able to have the cake included so long as we use one of their "preferred vendors".
Which unfortunately means we can't use the uber fabulous Sarah at  For the Love of Sugar as originally planned but will most likely be utilizing her services for another of the wedding festivities.
So Saturday it was off to Some Crust Bakery in Claremont,CA  - we tasted about 5 flavors w/ two different types of icing.
It was good but I wasn't blown away and neither was Babe.
Although he did appreciate the lemon custard filling in the "lemon cake"
p.s. white cake w/ lemon custard a lemon cake does not make!
After an immense amount of sugar in one sitting we headed to David's Bridal to pick up THE dress!
what a delightful experience!
Then we stopped off at DSW so I could "just check and see" if they had my wedding shoes......they did not BUT I did find some killer BCBG Paris shoes I plan on coming back for!
After DSW it was off to the Jeweler to pick up Babe's ring which he had picked out the week before.
YES - he picked out his own ring.
NO- I wasn't there for it.
I was at Sea World w/ Sweet Pea =)
It's his ring and he has to wear it so it's really not mine to choose.
but he did an excellent job
(ummm hello of course he did! MINE is amazing so his would be no less)
I must admit I was a little unnerved to see a ring on his finger.
In the 11+ years I've known him the only jewelry I've ever seen him wear were his earrings
( it was the 90's don't judge) and a watch.
so it was a bit disconcerting to see him with a ring on his finger.
but also exciting.
it's for real all happening now!
let's take a moment to reflect on that shall we????
annnnnd we're back.....

Sunday was another day full of tastings.
We started the morning at Sweet Art Cakes in Upland, CA where the options were a bit more varied.
Of course Sweet Pea enjoyed herself (cake at 11am? yes please!) and the offerings were a step up from the day before so that was a HUGE plus!
After that it was home for a nap (me) and breakfast (Sweet Pea and Babe)
and then off to dinner tasting!!!

Huge thanks to the Coco Palm for hosting us and sister-in law#1 + Cousin + mini me cousin
and catering to the fanciful flights of a 3 and 8yr. old.
very well played.

So we tasted everything on the menu while trying to decide what to choose for a main entree.....
talk about YUMMM
everything was good
I am the pickiest of eaters and I was so happy with all my food.
Even the Sea Bass and yo no quiero pescado!!!

This weekend we're heading to the O.C. to hang out w/ my dad and go pick up the paper for my invitations and take it all to the printers!!!!
I can't wait to see the finished product!!!

ok I think that's all for this week!

see you next wednesday for another re-cap!!!

Hey - do YOU have any fun wedding planning memories or stories you'd like to share?
what was the craziest thing someone said about your whole wedding 'vision'?
Anyone show up unannounced?
Get drunk and fall over?
what was your favorite memory?

share with me!!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

what day is it again?

Tuesday, I'm beginning to think, is WAY harder than Monday.
Lately it seems as if I have been jumping feet first into Monday but by Tuesday......dragging.
My tiredness may have something to do w/ the fact that I get up and the butt crack of dawn to work out 3 days a week and haven't been doing so.
Or it can just be that I'm overtired and have scheduled myself and my family to the hilt.
We have been SO busy lately but I have really been doing my best to make sure we get some kind of "rest" on the weekends.
This past week, though was exceptionally crazy. 
Sweet Pea had Spring Break and we had planned to let her go to the Valley and spend some time with her Auntie and cousins. 
However, as we came back on Sunday from San Diego (more about that later - I'm behind on posts)  I learned that my mom had to work so there was no way for Sweet Pea to catch a ride with her to the Valley.
Boo. So we re-group and decide she will go w/ her Granna for the day Monday and then we can figure it out.
Circumstances being what they were, Babe's car pretty much overheated & blew up Monday after picking up the kid so our plans to head out the Valley that evening went out the window. 
And we now have to get another car.
Not a MAJOR deal as we had planned on getting another this year anyway - BUT we wanted to wait until after the wedding and money wasn't SO tight.
But clearly God's sense of humor was in effect and He showed us - He had other plans.
We ended up sending her to the city run Day Camp for the week and she had a GREAT time.
Tuesday = roller skating
Wedneday = Park Day ; she got her face painted
Thursday = Movie Day ; brought pillows & blankets and painted a pet rock
Friday = 50's party day
 Suffice to say she had a blast! 
However, with Babe's car on the fritz we have been sharing mine for the last week which means he and Sweet Pea have to get up EXTRA early to take me to the train station, then go back home and finish getting ready.
I feel terrible but it's actually been kind of nice. 
We get to chat in the car both ways and overall just like the closeness of the "family feeling".

Before I knew it, it was Saturday and time for Cake Tasting Weekend!!!
So we got our taste on ( more on that in tomorrow's Wedding Wednesday).
Then proceeded to run errands, and try and check out some cars.
We went home for some rest only to get up and do it all again on Sunday! 
Except this time dinner was included!
whoo hoo!!! No cooking for Mama!
LOVE that.
So dinner was yummy, and Auntie, cousin J and Poopy Pie were able to join us and give us their two cents as well.
All in all it has been a crazy busy week + weekend and I'm looking forward to just being chill this weekend and vegging out w/ my family!

What have you all been up to???

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

working it out and the domino effect

 You all know I'm a sucker for these types of things so I'm playing along with Keely over at Mannland5 in this week's "Getting to Know You"
Because who doesn't want to know random facts about strangers????
or even your family?
I know I do!!!

This week's questions are:
1. Showers or baths?
2. Do you have any crazy urges?
3. What is one thing we don't know about you?
4. it or hate it?
5. Do you think you have a good body image?
6. Flour or corn tortillas?
7. How do you celebrate Easter?
8. Hard boiled Easter eggs or plastic eggs?

1. Showers or baths?
ya know I used to be a BIG bath taker and when I went away to college was bummed because we didnt have a bathtub. then we got one and I took maybe 3. and like everyone else - the germa-phobe in me kicked in and I got grossed out by the thought....hello sitting in dirty water much? yuck! so now I'm a shower girl......even though this house a fancy garden tub - I've only used it once.

2. Do you have any crazy urges?
hahaha! this is a good one for me! i have an innate sense of destruction. meaning if something is stacked up real nice and neat - I want to knock it down & see what happens. You know, the domino effect!!! I also usually have to fight the urge to laugh whenever ANYONE trips or falls. I'm sorry. It's just funny to me!!
I also have to regularly fight the urge to dance in public. not foot tapping. but full on bust-a-move type dancing.  especially on the train while listening to my Ipod.
yeah I'm that girl.

3. What is one thing we don't know about you?
there's stuff you don't know??? how is that possible? well - I used to high jump in jr. high and high school and was the Olympic League Champion for 4 years running. I also set a school record that has yet to be broken.  oh yeah.   I  had a PR (personal record) at 5'8"and I'm only 5'4"
how's that for obscure facts?

4. it or hate it?
I love it! I hate getting up for it ( it's dark outside!!) but it's totally worth it in the end. plus I think  it improves my overall attitude throughout the day.

5. Do you think you have a good body image?
for the most part. until I look at a Victoria's Secret swim catalog. then I start questioning "WHY". but most days and especially lately - i'm digging what I see!!
6. Flour or corn tortillas?
90% of the time flour. unless we are having enchiladas or tacos. but I LOVE love love me some mexican food.....
7. How do you celebrate Easter?

usually we go to church, get some eats and look for some treats. this year we were in San Diego so it was a little different. but good times making NEW memories!!!!
8. Hard boiled Easter eggs or plastic eggs
I  I really don't like the smell of hard boiled eggs - chalk it up to Babe eating tuna while I was preggo - can't deal. so while I like them for dying purposes - finding the plastic ones w/ the jelly beans in them really rock my world.

all done!!!
so- why don't you link up and play along so I can find out more about YOU!!!!

Friday, April 2, 2010


   Luke 9:23
Then he said to them all: "If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me.

Take the Dare..... Live the Difference!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Giving Thanks Thursday

today I woke up feeling good
feeling RIGHT.
better than I have in the last few days
on all accounts
had a lovely evening.
quick (and healthy dinner) everyday this week and everyone enjoyed it!
I listened to my "lurve songs" playlist while cooking and all throughout dinner.
I so love when my house is filled with music from Stevie, Etta, Mary, Lauryn, Teddy P. and the like!
Nothing like good music while surrounded by people you love
I even finished my book exactly as the play list was ending!
and the ending was moving enough to bring tears to my eyes 
(could be the PMS but hey....that's probably TMI)
I have decided to focus only on the positive today. 
forward motion is everything. 
I got this gem from The Daily Love this morning:

"No one can create negativity or stress within you. Only you can do that by virtue of how you process your world".

So today I’m thankful for:

  •   Good friends- who listen, understand, challenge and make me laugh. they support, encourage and nurture our friendship and I am grateful!
  •   A wonderful man- who loves me in-spite of and because of my faults & imperfections, who makes me laugh, challenges me and 'gets it'. thank God for him!
  •   A beautiful little girl - who is growing smarter/stronger each day, she brings me joy daily and is so stinking funny!!
  • A job  - particularly one I enjoy going to, where we start early, stay late and work our butts off but have FUN in the many people can say that?
  • my family - both immediate and extended on my side and Babe's - we may not always see eye to eye but we always have each others back

So what are YOU thankful for  today?this week?This month?


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