weekend wrap up

With all the hoopla over health-care reform I missed posting about our weekend!

I had such an amazing weekend I want to share it with everyone !! 
Sweet Pea spent the weekend in the Valley with her cousins and Granna
Of course she had a BLAST.
She played ALL weekend long and even came home with a few 'extra' dolls and such!
We missed her terribly but Babe and I kept managed to keep ourselves pretty occupied.
Friday night we had a romantic dinner.
At Johnny Rockets.
Just the two of us.
And my wedding folder. =)
chock full of articles, ideas and to-do's !
While at dinner we were able to hash out some ideas for the favors,
Tux's and the invitations.
Which leads me to my next adventure.
Poor Babe was left to his own devices on Saturday as I had a girls day & evening planned.
I started out by driving to Lakewood to see my girl Amber V. 
We had plans to venture to the paper store to scout styles/colors and price the sheets for the invitations I plan on making.
So the first location is closed. 
No big deal since there is another one in Anaheim.
So off we went!
Only to discover that they close at 1pm on Saturdays.
We got there at 1:28pm.
We took a quick minute to re-group (that Amber is a bomb chick I tell ya)
then headed over to ScrapBook Depot to check out what they had to offer.
The lady was SUPER helpful and answered all our questions and ordered my paper right away!
After getting the quote and realizing how much money I was saving, 
Amber pointed out there was a small print shop in the same center.
So we happily walked over to check it out and get a quote.
Once again, the proprietor of this location was a GEM.
Just the nicest and most helpful man (he was giving his wife a much needed day off!)
and was more than happy to provide me with quote.
Which was a STEAL by the way.
Seriously y'all I am scoring in a major way with this D.I.Y. business.
Pleased with ourselves we were off to celebrate at El Zarape in Cypress.
Now - I have to tell a story about this ;
My dad lives in Cypress. 
Matter of fact, he lives around the corner
(and by around the corner I mean one block of homes)
from El Zarape.
He's lived there since I was 13.
That restaurant has been there since we moved.
Saturday was my first time going.
Oh the irony.
So we went.
And the food was GOOD.
Margarita was GREAT!
So now I have a "new" local restaurant when I am down that way and craving Mexican fare!
After a lovely afternoon w/ my friend and name twin I headed back to my "Hills".
No one was home when I got there - Babe had gone to his friends house to 'play' 
(read : he went to watch the NCAA tournament & play video games)
 so I laid down for 'just a minute' and woke only when the phone rang.
My good friend Tiffany and I had plans to go out to dinner later on and she was calling to check on me, knowing I would have come home to quiet and KNOCKED OUT!
Which I did.
But I rallied and got myself together for Ladies Night!!!
We hit up the Yard House for dinner and drinks with intentions of seeing a movie but were diverted from our plans due to the wait at Yard House.
No worries though.
Martini's in hand we sat down and geared up for a chat fest that would last well into the morning.
Which it did.
And it felt SO good.
I spent the entire day with women who love, support and LISTEN to me.
Talk about what I needed!
God is so good!
He brought these women to me and allowed us to have time together, without any distractions, right when I needed it the most.
I stayed up wayyy too late and then spent the next morning laying around with Babe pondering the mysteries of life.
(not really. well not that last part. we did lay around quite a bit though)
We caught up on the DVR and enjoyed a nice deep, heartfelt conversation - without having to check and make sure no little ears were nearby.
I ended up not cooking as the afternoon turned into evening far too quickly so we opted to partake in my leftovers from the night before.
Crashed and burned about 11pm and enjoyed a peaceful sleep.

A most lovely weekend.
Time well spent and rest much needed.

Thank you Amber and Tiffany for a lovely Saturday.
For making me laugh until my cheeks hurt and for being such great girl friends!

Thank you Babe for understanding my need for some "girl talk" and for going along with my choices for the NCAA tournament. =)
See I DO know what I'm doing!!!


  1. so glad you got your girl time! I finally got some time off to do that today and it is SO necessary! I need woman brains to bounce my thoughts off of sometimes because as wonderful as my husband is, he just doesnt "get" things like a woman does!


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