time out on Thursday ....for the kids

Hey Everyone!

I just wanted to take a quick time out this Thursday morning to ask you to go 
HERE and sign the petition to stop the psychotropic drugging of children in America.
Many of you may have friends, family members or  perhaps children of your own who have been diagnosed with some type of mental or behavioral challenge such as ADD/ADHD etc. and have been recommended they be 'treated' with medication.
The practices of labeling thousands of American children with psychiatric disorders and subsequently drugging them is probably one of the most atrocious crimes against children that has ever been allowed in the history of America and unless parents take a stand, this cycle will only continue to get worse.
Especially for those children who have no parent or advocate to speak for them.

So please, take a minute and go SIGN it !

this has been a public service announcement.
we will now get back to your regularly scheduled programming


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