I'm whipped.
worn out. 
completely drained.
and it's only Thursday.
I should be ecstatic it's almost the end of the week - but alas I have pushed myself to the limit this week.
My emotions are raw and frayed.
My feelings - on my sleeve.
I've started 4 posts this week and have completed only 1
And really that's only because I didn't' have to "think" about my words so much.
My brain is mush.
I have so many thoughts and emotions running rampant and I cannot for the life of me seem to get it together 
or form a cohesive post.
I am literally all over the place.
I've been getting confused, distracted and easily disgruntled.
So not the business.
I want to be light and happy.
but right now - I 'm having a REAL hard time.
there is so much back and forth with all the wedding ish .....and it's KILLING me.
I am at my wit's end.
this is supposed to be fun right?

maybe I just need a nap.
or drink.

let's reverse that -
drink then nap.

sounds like a plan to me!!


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