Small Triumphs

*I am only missing ONE address for my final guest list.
that's right folks. 
ONE address. 
so.excited to knock that off my 'To -Do' list - which at this point is rather long and detailed.
* I think I have decided on a pair of shoes too! = )
I can't wait to put them on under my dress!
speaking of 'under my dress' I guess I need to get some kind of pretty lingerie for the day huh?
can't go wearing my regular stuff from V.S.
*Sweet Pea got 100 on ALL of her tests last week!! and it's her birthday week!
good times!
* we booked our HONEYMOON!!!
cannot wait until July 25th......
all I will say is that it will require me to pack at least 4 bathing suits.
* BOTH of my BFF's (& matron's of honor) have birthdays this month!
I wish I could hang out w/ them both.
We haven't spent a birthday together in years - but alas, time, finances and work always get in the way.
no worries - come July we're going to party hardy!
I repeat:
whoop whoop!!! 
It's a miracle!
I tried them on late Sunday night 'just to see' and they fit! comfortably I might add!
Now let me preface this by saying that these are not the super skinny jeans, just a few pairs that had gotten ....let's say "snug" over the past few months.
Snug -they are no more!!!!

Happy Tuesday everyone!!!


  1. Congratulations on getting into the skinny jeans! :) I know how much hard work that takes, so proud of you!
    And happy birthday week Sweet Pea :)

  2. Those aren't *small* triumphs! Those are major successes! Good week you (and Sweet Pea) have had! Congrats on the skinny jeans...I'm still working on getting back into my fat ones. =)


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