monday musings

aaaaand we're back.
back to life....back to reality...back to the heeeeeree and nowwwwww
(yeah I'm taking it back to the 90's today)

It's Monday. And while not quite manic it is a day of drama usually.
anything that can will go wrong on a Monday or Friday.
however, this morning I got my workout in, made lunches and hopped on the EARLY train to work!
that never happens.
Especially since I had a dark Eeyore like cloud over me yesterday.
I was not a happy camper.
Far from my usual happy-go lucky, fun self.
I don't like that person.
I feel weird when I get like that but I couldn't seem to control it.
I was IRRITATED all weekend.
I had to give myself a MAJOR pep-talk this morning and stay focused on the positive.

* Sweet Pea was able to attend a birthday party for a classmate on Saturday and then was blessed to be invited to Knott's Berry Farm by one of my B.F's for her daughter's 8th bday.
Our girls are two weeks apart and "sister-friends".
they don't go to school together so we try to let them hang out whenever possible.
She of course had a BLAST and was able to go on her first 'big kid' roller coaster, was responsible for and spent all of her own money and had an all around good time with her b.f.f.!!!
Thanks Eb !!!

* My paper for my invitations came in!!! whooo hoo!!!
last week I was so excited to relieve several emails from former classmates telling me about all the FABULOUS websites for free fonts!
Love to you all!
Thanks for the info!

* Another fab girlfriend rolled out to Colton w/ me yesterday
(if you don't know where Colton is - don't worry, neither did I. Just know that it's hot and dusty and there's not much out there)
to go look at linens.
in the dead, dry heat of the middle of the day in the I.E.
that is friendship folks. (thanks Tiff!)
we were able to pick out napkins and overlays and the wonderful lady (Anabel) who assisted us was so great about picking out the colors and working with us to find what we were looking for!
Not only that but I'm getting a HECK of a deal!!!
whoo hoo!

* my wonderful crafty friend Rachel has agreed to help me shimmy togther (her words =>) a hair piece for myself and for the flower girls!!!
I can't wait to get to to it and looking forward to a wedding craft night!!!

* met with the DJ tonight and am SO excited.
He's fun, versatile and "gets" us and our rather eclectic musical tastes.
Just chatting with him for the brief half an hour made me feel so comfortable and that our wedding would not be "cheesy" thanks to some random DJ.
so thanks Ryan for the hook-up!!

* my photographer is amazing (big surprise there) and is working with us to create an AWESOME guest book and I have to say she has done a KILLER job.
Thanks Mel!

all in all I am in a much more positive place today than I was yesterday or the day before.
I have to not let the small stuff.
Take joy in the little victories and remember what it's all about!

so how was your monday?


  1. So glad your wedding details are all falling into place :) so exciting! Love hearing about it!!


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