Insert Foot in Mouth......Now

If there was an award for most inappropriate comments at an inopportune  moment
it's for sure me
I am completely honest and open about the fact that my
"brain to mouth" function is faulty
For as long as I can remember my mouth and my facial expressions have been getting me into trouble.
And it's not intentionally.
My intentions are good but sometimes my mouth operates before my brain 
and my words are often misinterpreted or misunderstood.
And really its something that I work on daily.
I know that I struggle with this
trust me i KNOW.
and I work very hard at keeping my thoughts to myself and 90% of the time I do a pretty good job.
but....(sigh) alas there is that other 10% that is just totally unaccounted for.
No rhyme or reason.
Stuff just fly's out.
I may be in a mood and just feeling a bit snappish and mumble something
or I might be re-acting to a slight (real or imagined)
or I could be a slightly inebriated and feel emboldened by the liquid courage......
you just never know.
Now I NEVER say anything I could not say to a persons face and 9 times out of 10 I would say it.
Basically - I say out loud most of the things that people think.
Like the man w/ the sandals on and a MAJOR "lotion situation" going on?
yeah. I'm gonna say something smart.
Teenager mouthing off ?
- yeah I'll mouth of right back (so mature right? I know)
and instantly regret it.
Sarcasm is my weapon of choice and can often be found in my everyday conversation.
It is my second nature to be sarcastic.
But I do apologize when/ if I realize that I have offended anyone.
and I am sincere.
It is never my intent to be malicious and hurt anyone so if this has happened to you by me or someone else
please understand that it's a personal flaw and we are all works in progress.

Now you may be asking yourself - why is she even bringing this up?
Well for one major reason.
I have been STRESSED.
Emotions maxed out and being pulled in so many directions so my thought process is not quite as clear as it usually is.
My trap is a bit clogged and not filtering thoughts as well as often.
so I'm sorry.
Point blank.
To any and all that have been......( I don't know I don't want to say 'victims' or 'targets' but....)
who have been affected by my "word vomit".

Be patient with me.......God's not finished with me yet.


  1. You know what? We all do it. I certainly have and I pride myself on being particularly sensitive to those around me...EXCEPT...when I feel there's some injustice going on around me. Then, I put the "loud" in loud-mouth. Seriously. =)

  2. I am the same way when I get stressed out! This past week has been crazy for me and last night after my husband was like seriously, what is your issue all I could do was get really upset and just be like I'M SO TIRED!! I know I have a lot to work on in the area too, haha, obviously!


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