fabulous friday & 5 questions

  Hey now - it's freaking friday and officially the weekend!!!
Is everybody as excited about it as I am??
How can you NOT be? 
It's the first official week of spring......the weather here is LOVELY. 
A few morning clouds but mostly sunny with a slight breeze in the afternoon. (don't I sound like I work for the weather channel??)
AND it has been an interesting week!

I was able to knock a few things off my "Wedding To -Do" list  ( whoop whoop!!), ordered all my items for the invitations (and received half of them!) AND  scored a MAJOR find yesterday. 
I REALLY want to share with everyone but it's going to be a surprise so you'll have to wait until July to find out! sorry!
I haven't participated in a while as I have been kind of just going through the motions in all areas  but I'm feeling like "myself" today so lets hit it!!!

Hop on over to Mama M's blog and link up for some fun!
Or stalk read the other blogs and maybe find a few more you like and make some new freinds!
so heeeeeeereeee we go!

1. Did you pass your driver's test on the first try?

no. only because the stupid horn didnt work and I had to re-schedule and take it again. terrible moment and I am still irritated about it! but upon returning YES!!!
2. What is your most embarrassing moment?

I dont know that I have just ONE embarrasssing moment being that I am pretty much an embarrassing moment waiting to happen......one moment would be in jr. high.
was hanging out w/ my "boyfriend" walking to our lockers trying to decide whose to check out first and pulling on each other when I slipped in my sandals and slid about 3 feet on the ground. ever so gracefully of course. with the WHOLE jr. high watching. yeah. that was a winner.
3. What TV show would you like to be on- Oprah, Biggest Loser, or What Not to Wear?

well - i love Oprah and Jillian is on the Biggest Loser so she'd get me into shape but really......What Not To Wear. A chance to hang out w/ Clinton & Stacy, someone to help me find "my style" and spend $5000!!!! heck yeah sign me up!!!!

4. Would you ever get plastic surgery and what kind?

if you had asked me that 10 years ago I might have said NO. but I was in my early twenties then, no post baby body or boobs. Now.....well lets just say a little lifting and separating never hurt anyone. Can I get a witness????
I'm just sayin.....
and if I have another baby maybe a tuck or lift if necessary but never like a major facial overhaul.
I pretty much like ME the way I am!
5. What are your favorite jeans to wear?
 I am a jeans girl and being that I am from California makes it worse. We wear jeans everywhere and to everything. So I have a multitude to dress up/dress down or just lounge around the house in!
but my FAVORITES are my Joe's Jeans - fit so well, good color and comfy as all get out.
and my James Jeans cured by Seun. LOVE LOVE LOVE hugs the butt real nice and makes it look .....well ....er uhmm.....juicy. at least that's what Babe says and his word is bond!
So there you have it! 
A fabulous Friday with Five Questions to leave you wanting more!!
hahaha! yeah right!
Have a FABULOUS weekend!!!! 

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  1. Love your answers :) and can you come here and be my weather girl? Because our weather people are all alwayyyys horrible. They're always wrong haha.

  2. I love these questions!! =) Hope you had a great weekend and enjoyed all your *lovely* weather! =)


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