Celebrate good times! c'mon!!!

Holy Blog-a-versary Batman!!!
A whole year has gone by?!
Did you know today is my Blog-a-versary!!!!
One year ago today I began this experiment that is
Sweet Pea's corner.
Really, just as a way to keep track of all the goings on in our lives and to update family and friends who didn't live close by.
Somewhere along the way it evolved into something else.
Something a bit more personal than just a photo diary of who, what, when and where.
Sweet Pea's Corner became a way to vent frustrations, 
get advice, share joys and triumphs as well as trials and tribulations.
It's been a way to explore my faith, re-connect with old friends,
make loads of new ones
and it has taken my 'cyber stalking' to a whole new level!!
I have discovered so many worlds out there all through the wonders of blog stalking hopping!
It has been an amazing journey.
Full of joy,
some sorrow
a few tears
but mostly laughter and love.
And that, folks is exactly what I plan to keep on doing.
I want this blog to be more than an account of life in general.
More than just what Sweet Pea is up to and the silly things she says and does.
This is going to be a chronicle - of OUR life.
Mostly from my perspective of course but that's how it goes around here.
So thank you to those that read these tales of mine.
Thanks even more to those who comment or email me about them later!
I love to hear your feedback!!!
(although that's not why I do this)
So tell me is there anything you would like to see more of around here?
(singing in my head....."more,more, more....how do you like it?")
More pictures?
More makeup / beauty tips?
More wedding craziness?

Tell me!!!!
And I will do my best to appease the 12 folks that actually read this thing consistently!
Thanks for being encouraging, supportive and most of all.....
Thanks for stopping by Sweet Pea's Corner!!!!


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