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The TRUTH for Tuesday

so last night Babe and I were listening to music and trying to decide on songs for the first dance, the father/daughter  dance (for him & Sweet Pea)  and the music the girls were going to walk into. And as we were playing the songs it just brought us back to a place of love and contentment (well at least it did for me) I listened to each one and was able to recall a moment or feeling that we have shared over the past 10  (yes TEN!!!) years with each other. amazing. so this morning I was inspired to put on my "Lurve Songs" mix and the 3rd song in is this:
I LOVE this song. I remember when my BFF Michelle got married 6 years ago and we were discussing this song, I liked it then but couldn't really relate wholly as I wasn't sure that I knew/understood what it meant to have the TRUTH..... and now.... I DO. Literally.  here are the lyrics:
"The Truth"

Let me tell you why I love him

Cause he is the truth
Said he is so real
And I love the way that he makes m…

monday musings

aaaaand we're back. back to life....back to reality...back to the heeeeeree and nowwwwww (yeah I'm taking it back to the 90's today)
It's Monday. And while not quite manic it is a day of drama usually. anything that can will go wrong on a Monday or Friday. however, this morning I got my workout in, made lunches and hopped on the EARLY train to work! that never happens. Especially since I had a dark Eeyore like cloud over me yesterday. I was not a happy camper. Far from my usual happy-go lucky, fun self. I don't like that person. I feel weird when I get like that but I couldn't seem to control it. I was IRRITATED all weekend. I had to give myself a MAJOR pep-talk this morning and stay focused on the positive.

* Sweet Pea was able to attend a birthday party for a classmate on Saturday and then was blessed to be invited to Knott's Berry Farm by one of my B.F's for her daughter's 8th bday.
Our girls are two weeks apart and "sister-friends".
they don't…

getting to know YOU ......(or rather ME)...

Y'all know how much I like taking surveys and filling out questionnaires so I was of course eager and excited to play along w/ Keely over at MannLand 5 for this week's edition of  "Getting to know YOU "

And wouldn't you know it - this week's questions are all posed by a MAN!! so let's see what he wonders about shall we????? 
1 - Why did you start blogging? honestly, I have been keep a journal of some kind for as long as I remember. although sometimes my hand gets cramped from writing so hard and so long. and after reading my friend's  IRL Rachel and Shanna'sblogs it inspired me to start my own and create a fun way to capture all the moments I may not feel like physically writing about or remember! it's also a nice way to keep far flung family members connected to what's going on in our world. Not too mention a GREAT way to get information from others and make "new friends"
2 - Who's the one blog friend that you would want to meet m…

fabulous friday & 5 questions

Hey now - it's freaking friday and officially the weekend!!! Is everybody as excited about it as I am?? How can you NOT be?  It's the first official week of spring......the weather here is LOVELY.  A few morning clouds but mostly sunny with a slight breeze in the afternoon. (don't I sound like I work for the weather channel??) AND it has been an interesting week!
I was able to knock a few things off my "Wedding To -Do" list  ( whoop whoop!!), ordered all my items for the invitations (and received half of them!) AND  scored a MAJOR find yesterday. 
I REALLY want to share with everyone but it's going to be a surprise so you'll have to wait until July to find out! sorry! I haven't participated in a while as I have been kind of just going through the motions in all areas  but I'm feeling like "myself" today so lets hit it!!!
Hop on over to Mama M's

weekend wrap up

With all the hoopla over health-care reform I missed posting about our weekend! Sacrilege!!!!
I had such an amazing weekend I want to share it with everyone !!  Sweet Pea spent the weekend in the Valley with her cousins and Granna
Of course she had a BLAST. She played ALL weekend long and even came home with a few 'extra' dolls and such! We missed her terribly but Babe and I kept managed to keep ourselves pretty occupied. Friday night we had a romantic dinner.
At Johnny Rockets. Just the two of us. And my wedding folder. =)
chock full of articles, ideas and to-do's ! While at dinner we were able to hash out some ideas for the favors, Tux's and the invitations. Which leads me to my next adventure. Poor Babe was left to his own devices on Saturday as I had a girls day & evening planned. I started out by driving to Lakewood to see my girl Amber V.  We had plans to venture to the paper store to scout styles/colors and price the sheets for the invitations I plan on making. So the fi…

Insert Foot in Mouth......Now

If there was an award for most inappropriate comments at an inopportune  moment it's for sure me I am completely honest and open about the fact that my "brain to mouth" function is faulty For as long as I can remember my mouth and my facial expressions have been getting me into trouble. And it's not intentionally. No.  My intentions are good but sometimes my mouth operates before my brain  and my words are often misinterpreted or misunderstood. And really its something that I work on daily. I know that I struggle with this trust me i KNOW. and I work very hard at keeping my thoughts to myself and 90% of the time I do a pretty good job. but....(sigh) alas there is that other 10% that is just totally unaccounted for. No rhyme or reason. Stuff just fly's out. I may be in a mood and just feeling a bit snappish and mumble something or I might be re-acting to a slight (real or imagined) or I could be a slightly inebriated and feel emboldened by the liquid courage...... you just never k…

good grief

I have been going through some things lately. Feeling some kind of way. I realize that grief is a process and I am slowly healing from the loss of our family matriarch but some days are better than others. the last few days have been particularly tough. I can be sitting at work, on the train or cooking dinner and will be hit with a memory or thought and suddenly a wave of emotion washes over me. and I have been pushing it away. trying to recover quickly and move forward because I want to heal and process and I have such a short attention span - I want to deal and move on. but that's not happening Everyday is a struggle to keep my emotions in check. They say that there are 5 stages of grief: Denial: “This can’t be happening to me.”Anger:Why is this happening? Who is to blame?”Bargaining: “Make this not happen, and in return I will ____.”Depression: “I’m too sad to do anything.”Acceptance: “I’m at peace with what happened.”And I have definitely experienced most of those.


I'm whipped. worn out.  completely drained. and it's only Thursday. I should be ecstatic it's almost the end of the week - but alas I have pushed myself to the limit this week. My emotions are raw and frayed. My feelings - on my sleeve. I've started 4 posts this week and have completed only 1 And really that's only because I didn't' have to "think" about my words so much. My brain is mush. I have so many thoughts and emotions running rampant and I cannot for the life of me seem to get it together  or form a cohesive post. I am literally all over the place. I've been getting confused, distracted and easily disgruntled. So not the business. I want to be light and happy. but right now - I 'm having a REAL hard time. there is so much back and forth with all the wedding ish .....and it's KILLING me. seriously. I am at my wit's end. this is supposed to be fun right?
right????? maybe I just need a nap. or drink.
let's reverse that - drink then nap.
sounds like…

time out on Thursday ....for the kids

Hey Everyone!
I just wanted to take a quick time out this Thursday morning to ask you to go  HEREand sign the petition to stop the psychotropic drugging of children in America. Many of you may have friends, family members or  perhaps children of your own who have been diagnosed with some type of mental or behavioral challenge such as ADD/ADHD etc. and have been recommended they be 'treated' with medication. The practices of labeling thousands of American children with psychiatric disorders and subsequently drugging them is probably one of the most atrocious crimes against children that has ever been allowed in the history of America and unless parents take a stand, this cycle will only continue to get worse. Especially for those children who have no parent or advocate to speak for them.
So please, take a minute and go SIGN it !

**************************************************** this has been a public service announcement. we will now get back to your regularly scheduled programming

A Sweet Pea Celebration

8 years ago today I went in for my regularly scheduled weekly doctor's visit. My E.D.D (estimated date of delivery) was the next day and I was anxious to see if any of the "remedies" I had tested proved fruitful. Not too mention the Braxton Hicks were driving me up a wall. Get to the doctor's office and nothin. Like negative nothing. Barely dilated and so ready to get this show on the road ( I was rather impatient to meet my Sweet Pea at this point) Due to a non-impressive heart rate and the lack of major movement I was scheduled to be induced. I was admitted to the hospital after notifying friends and family, anxious to meet our baby. After 1.5 hours of labor w/ no progress and a declining fetal heart rate - they went ahead with a C-section. And thusly at 2:14 a.m. on  March 14th, 2002 my Sweet Pea came into the world and changed my life forever.

To My Sweet Pea Angel,
Happy Birthday Puddinl!!
I can't believe you are 8 years old! It seems like yesterday we were driving to t…

Small Triumphs

*I am only missing ONE address for my final guest list. that's right folks.  ONE address.  so.excited to knock that off my 'To -Do' list - which at this point is rather long and detailed. * I think I have decided on a pair of shoes too! = ) I can't wait to put them on under my dress! speaking of 'under my dress' I guess I need to get some kind of pretty lingerie for the day huh? can't go wearing my regular stuff from V.S. *Sweet Pea got 100 on ALL of her tests last week!! and it's her birthday week!
good times!
* we booked our HONEYMOON!!!
cannot wait until July 25th......
all I will say is that it will require me to pack at least 4 bathing suits.
* BOTH of my BFF's (& matron's of honor) have birthdays this month!
I wish I could hang out w/ them both.
We haven't spent a birthday together in years - but alas, time, finances and work always get in the way.
no worries - come July we're going to party hardy!

Celebrate good times! c'mon!!!

Holy Blog-a-versary Batman!!! A whole year has gone by?!
Really? Did you know today is my Blog-a-versary!!!! One year ago today I began this experiment that is Sweet Pea's corner. Really, just as a way to keep track of all the goings on in our lives and to update family and friends who didn't live close by. Somewhere along the way it evolved into something else. Something a bit more personal than just a photo diary of who, what, when and where. Sweet Pea's Corner became a way to vent frustrations,  get advice, share joys and triumphs as well as trials and tribulations. It's been a way to explore my faith, re-connect with old friends, make loads of new ones and it has taken my 'cyber stalking' to a whole new level!! I have discovered so many worlds out there all through the wonders of blog stalking hopping! It has been an amazing journey. Full of joy, some sorrow a few tears but mostly laughter and love. And that, folks is exactly what I plan to keep on doing. I want this blog to …


two blogs I normally stalk posted with similar themes today. which is quite interesting considering they are sister in law's as well as friends. you see my friend Rachel's little girl turned two over the weekend,
and my photographer friend Melissa's two little girls are 4.5 and 2 respectively They are both going through a transitional stage as parents right now the place where you want your child to thrive and grow but still remain your 'little one'  where they are so excited about exploring their dreams exerting their independence and quite literally growing up before your very eyes. It can be very hard to take in.
Anyway -these posts got me to thinking. My little girl is going to be 8 next weekend. Eight. Sigh. All I can do is shake my head. I remember when I first caught a glimpse of the little "Peanut" in a very grainy ultrasound
and when I held her for the first time, how she smelled. I also remember when I turned 8. It seems like that was just yesterday too.