yours, mine, ours.......

I was reading my Redbook over the weekend and was intrigued by a survey question they had in their.
How is the money split? Separate accounts? One joint account and one joint savings?  Pay bills out of one account and use the other for "fun stuff"??

Simple questions really but one that sends most soon-to-be-marrieds into a tailspin.
the ever challenging, necessarily evil ; Money talk.
Because it has to happen. 
The union does not stop at the merging of the things and changing of the last name.
Oh no, you have to work out your finances too.
 So needless to say we've been having the "money talk" as of late and it got me to thinking:
How do you split up the money??

I'm curious to see if my friends out there fall in with the "majority" of the Redbook readers sampled for this poll.


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