wicked awesome - the Valentine's Day edition

that pretty much sums up my weekend.
I had a great time with Babe 
Saturday we had planned to spend the WHOLE day in a "wedding state of mind" 
Thanks to my future M.I.L -
who was keeping an eye on Sweet Pea for us.
We planned to:
visit some venues
grab some lunch
enjoy a grown up dinner
and head home
the day got off to a rocky start as we were running behind
(as someone couldn't decide what to wear/ someone else took too long in the shower )
so that kind of set me on edge a bit as I despise being late!
but never-the-less we headed out anyway
excited about what we may find!
While at the first location Babe and I were thoroughly impressed with not only the facilities but the onsite staff.
Their level of professionalism and presentation was absolutely stupendous.
I knew I was hooked as soon as we walked in
and as the entertainment specialist demonstrated everything from our grand entrance to our first dance......
I looked back at Babe and saw him begin to swoon.
well as much as man of 6 ft. can/will allow himself to be carried away :)
The rest of the place was just as spectacular with breathtaking views, trickling fountains and rustic courtyard.
We were able to meet with the couple who own the facility, where the husband also happens to be the head chef! 
As we were discussing food options, they were more than willing to customize a menu that is tailor made for our wedding extravaganza!
That just lifted my spirits as I'd already comprised on my 'vision' once before.
The next thing to discuss were the numbers.
Not really my area of expertise.
I always say that Babe is my CFO and I mean it!
But he had already worked the numbers out in his head so when the owner came up with the 
estimated total my man didn't even flinch!
He just nodded his head and said "Okay".
"okay. what do you need from us now?"
and that was that!
Paying for it might be a bit of a struggle but we are putting it in God's hands and know that He will allow us to "find a way" or "make one".
We walked out of there knowing that if we choose to go with this facility our wedding would be AWESOME
and everything we had envisioned would come to life.
I knew as we were pulling away that Babe was sold and as he looked at me and was selling ME on the place it became even more clear.
This was our wedding venue.
Everything happens for a reason 
and if Rancho Capistrano hadn't been closing we wouldn't have even glanced at this place 
(who's name shall remain a secret until the contract is signed)
so it must be kismet!!
Truth be told - we skipped out on viewing the second venue.
No need to go see something when your heart is already sold on another location!
Instead we headed over to Old Town Pasadena for a quick bite at Johnny Rockets
and then off to Register!!!
So our first stop was here:

The ever lovely Crate & Barrel
I am such a huge fan of this store.
Babe is too.
90% of the store is very much "our style" in that it's fun and functional and has a  modern edge with a classical twist.
Being able to go through the store and pick out a bunch "wants" and lots of "needs" was pretty much the icing on the cake of my already spectacular day!
My job was to browse the list they gave us and point to things that should be on it and Babe's job was to scan them and enter quantities.
Super fun.
Especially when faced with vases, plates, serving trays, tablecloths and napkin rings and much more!!
Since we already have most of the basics (i.e. pots & pans) we decided to focus more on things that would enhance our home such at this  and this -as we LOVE to entertain.
and I definitely see a lot more dinner parties in our future!
After C&B we wandered around Old Town for a bit just enjoying each other and cracking jokes.
We then made our way to Registry #2

Now ,there are people out there who will say:
" Two registries!!!? That seems a bit much! Isn't that just being greedy?"
Yes and No.
The idea of registering for gifts assuming that folks will buy them is greedy but we do it anyway.
Besides - who doesn't love stuff from Target?
 I have had so many people come up to me and ask when the registry is going to be done it's like they want to know what to get us!
And when you have people spread out all over the country you want to make it easy for them!
But I digress......
Target was just as much fun as Crate & Barrel.
Towels, sheets, bath co-ordinates.....oh my!!
All the cuteness that I could stand in a 45min period.
After that it was off to our YUMMY dinner at
The Melting Pot !!!
Talk about a romantic dinner!
Babe and I scored a table on "Lover's Lane" and had a quaint & cozy little booth just for the two of us!
Our waiter was super personable and made the whole experience that much more interesting.
For those that have never been or heard of the Melting Pot - it's a fondue restaurant where you are able to cook your own food right at the table and there is an array of yummy cheeses to choose from!
But do not be deceived! It's not just cheese!
There's meat too!!!
And chocolate!
As it was almost Valentine's day we had a specialized four course menu that was divine!!
We enjoyed every single part and were stuffed silly by the time we left.
I was so happy to spend the day with my Babe just laughing and carrying on, while planning for our future and giggling about our past.
We came home to a sleeping Sweet Pea and hearts that were filled to bursting with love.
Annnnnd thennnnnn............
Sunday - we awoke to a barfy Sweet Pea. :(
she did not feel good and spent the day alternating from her bed to the floor.
By mid-afternoon Babe carried her downstairs to the couch so she could watch
"Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs" with her Papa and Daddy while I cooked dinner.
By the time dinner was done and the movie was over she was out cold.
So Dad, Babe and I enjoyed a lovely dinner of P.W's Chicken Parmigiana, garlic bread, steamed veggies
and lemon cake.
Dad also brought over some Martini & Rossi Asti so we indulged in a little bubbly to kick the week off right!

What were y'all up to this weekend?


  1. So happy for you that you found a venue yall love! I know when I was planning our wedding that was the biggest relief for me, when you can finally kinda envision it all :)


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