whats in a name

that's a question on my mind as of late.
It just occurred to me the other day while signing my purchase receipt
" I'm going to have a whole new last name"
It was a weird feeling and bizarre thought to have.
Not bizarre as in unusual but bizarre in that I have been ME for 30 years.
Same 3 initials.
Perfected scrawled signature.
Suddenly after one day in July, I will be a whole new person.
A "Mrs."
No longer 'just me'.
Everything must be changed. 
Driver's license, Insurance, bank accounts, passport.....etc.
I had a friend ask if I was going to take Babe's name or hyphenate and I promptly replied "take his name".
And frankly, I think she was a little shocked.
a) because I responded so quickly
b) not a lot of women are doing that these days
It never occurred to me not to.
When I was younger ( in my late teens and early 20's) I said I would hyphenate for "work purposes".
Just because I thought it "looked cool"  ( a la Mary Higgins -Clark) 
and I didn't want to be deemed 'old-fashioned'
Nowadays though - 
I realize that while I'm all about doing things 'outside the box' and 'breaking the norm'
I'm still pretty old-school when it comes to certain things.
Like taking my husbands last name.
(And let me tell you I can't wait to bust out that little gem...."my hussssband" )
There are several rational reasons to do this:
1) makes going to the bank a whole lot easier " no that's me on the ID. Yes I have a new last name. No I'm not changing it."
2) we will all have the same last name. 
this is very important to me.
it sucks to participate in your kid's classroom and watch the teacher struggle with what to call you.
or be called by the wrong name!
We are a family and our name should reflect that!
3) I don't have a problem being "Mrs. D." and it flows better than "Mrs. C-D"
 wayyy to many options for mispellings.

However, it will definitely take some getting used to not to ignore it when someone says " Mrs. D" and think they are talking to Babe's mother.

I'm gonna have to work on a whole new signature!!


  1. So exciting! I think that was one of the funnest parts of wedding planning was practicing my new signature :) At the beginning it was always confusing when someone asked me what my name was, I would always have to think for a second! But now I can't imagine not being the Mrs. I love reading your posts, I always get so excited for you and where your life is going! :)


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