what it do Wednesday

where to begin.
there is so much swirling in my mind right now!
I have so many things I want to write about but can't seem to gather any of them into a cohesive post. 
that bothers me a bit.
***I've given myself a goal for next month to write EVERYDAY. 
it doesn't have to be profound or super long but I must write something. every. single. day.
how will I ever get to be a published author if I don't practice?
so that is my goal and I will do my best to stick with it.
****I have found some really cool blogs to cyber stalk 
like this bit of Party Loveliness - ridiculous amount of FABULOSITY ( yeah I'm stealing Kimora's word)
I want to have a 'themed' party right now!
We're even 'borrowing' her Candy Topiary shown HERE to use as a centerpiece for the kid's table at the reception! Thanks Jessica!
and this super cuteness how amazing is there proposal and story!??!!
LOVE it! can't wait to see how it all comes together for her!
Not to mention this uber inspirational blog - seriously such great ideas!
thanks to both Melissa Munding and Melissa Brandman for hipping me to this!
(because I needed another distraction)
Maybe our wedding can be featured on there one day!

****this wedding has slowly been taking over our lives.
not a night has gone by that we have not spent massive amounts of time in front of the computer, updating guest info, updating the website (as soon as its finished I'll post a link here!), deciding on favors and flowers, hotel rooms and more!
good great googly moogly!
but I have to say I am LOVING how helpful my Babe has been.
Jumped right in with both feet and is getting his wedding planning ON!
 I finally feel like we are making some headway on this and that is a HUGE relief.

***This weekend I'm going dress shopping!!!!  I am SO excited about that!
Me and about 7-8 of our female family members and wedding party will be rolling out to narrow down my 'Bridal Style'.
Seriously. So. Excited.
I hate trying on clothes but am really looking forward to this!
good friends + great occasion = good times all around!

*** Last night I made this.
Talk about YUM!
I am notorious for taking chicken out for dinner but not knowing what I'm going to do with it.
so yesterday I headed over to the trusty allrecipes.com to see what they had to offer that would be quick and delicious.
10 minutes later - I settled on Pesto Chicken Florentine
One of Babe's B.F.F's came over to join us
- which was super fun as it's usually just the 3 of us day in and day out -
and to be a 'guinea pig' of sorts since this was my first try at this recipe.
And it was a hit!
The guys gobbled it up and so did Sweet Pea!
And the B.F.F brought over a delicious bottle of wine that complimented the meal perfectly!

the weather has been out of control here. 80 degrees one day 60 and raining the next.
get it together California!

*** picked up the new In Style Weddings and am so happy I did.
this magazine is chock full of ideas and websites to make it happen!!
they have info on everything from flowers & favors to name changing documents!
What a blessing!
Thanks In Style!

What's it doing on YOUR Wednesday?


  1. Can I just say how delightful your weather sounds to me right now?? Its snowing here tomorrow. Again. Ughhhh.
    So happy you're making some great headway on all the wedding stuff! :)

  2. I love reading about all of your wedding details! I miss those planning stages. I wish I could go back in time and do it all over again (I'm proud to say that my style has grown immensely in the last 10 years!) =) And don't fret about the blog writing, I had written five days a week for almost 150 posts and finally made myself slow down a little bit. I was about ready to post about cutting my dogs toe nails since I was running out of inspiration and realized that no one wanted to know about all of that. I slowed down. =)

  3. My goodness, I've never seen such a detailed party for a 3 year old on that other blog. That was pure amazingness! What lucky kiddos!

    I know what you mean about all the distractions, it seems like mine are multiplying by the minute....as is my wedding to-do list. We'll rock it out though! Have fun dress shopping!


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