viewings, venues, visits and more

i am pooped.
it's not even noon yet and I am ready to throw in the towel on this day.
well this week really.
can someone just blow that five o'clock whistle and let it be Friday already?
After finding out THIS late Tuesday and reeling from the information I spent most of my day yesterday on a massive hunt for a new location.
AND  last night I cooked dinner (spaghetti), folded laundry and got lunches together for today!
So tonight I'm putting my feet up, pouring myself a cup of Sauvigon Blanc, setting up the laptop and getting my "game plan" together.
this is a whole new ball game folks.
Even though we budgeted for a certain total amount spent - I have to figure out if now this whole 'a la carte thing is going to be any more / less expensive than if we find a place that is "all -inclusive".
It's all about the fine print don't ya know.
I AM pretty excited about the emails I received yesterday -
thank you all SO much for your encouraging words and your amazing ability to rally with new and better venues!
I literally received dozens of emails from friends far and wide offering their assistance.
Everyone from my god-sisters to my photographer has extended a helping hand! 
My cup runneth over ladies.
I cannot ask for better readers/friends.
And the fact that you all have SO many good ideas and offered up some new and exciting options!
Thank the Lord for y'all for saving me from the "okay where do I start" ordeal!
We already have 3 appointments lined up for the next two weeks 
(so much for a free and clear Sunday afternoon)
and I'm super excited about all of them.
I will remain ever faithful and confident that everything will work out smashingly.
But there might be a small panic attack or two along the way......I can't make any promises.....


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