the craziness of the last few weeks have wreaked havoc on my workout routine.
when I had to go out of town abruptly that threw me off. 
then I caught a cold upon return and the fact that I couldn't bend my head past my chin on my chest cost me another few days.
By the time I felt half-way 'normal' - I discovered "On Demand" had deleted my 30 day Shred 2 & 3!!!1
What the heck!
Now I'm forced to look for a new workout that will offer as much of a challenge in the same amount of time!
After several minutes of scrolling I finally located yet another crazy Jillian Michaels workout :
"No More Trouble Zones"
and I am loving it.
yes it hurts like crap when I try to sit down but I know in the end......when I shimmy into my jeans or slip into that bikini on our honeymoon I will feel confident about my body.
and that's all I'm really looking for.....
Now I have to admit that about halfway into the 2nd week I hit a wall. 
I did NOT want to get up in the morning and go get all sweaty while Babe lay cozily in bed snoring peacefully.
I did NOT want to feel like my lungs were going to burst, my heart explode and my legs shake like jello.
no that wasn't my idea of a good time.
but I committed myself and I put it out for the world to see here so I figured I beter stick with it lest someone should ask me about and I have to come up with a quick response!
so I did it.
I pushed through.
and you know what? 
two weeks into my new routine - Babe stopped me one morning and said
"You look good. Really good."
that made my day.
and got me over that wall. 
I finally felt as though I was making progress - he could see it.
Now I do not own a scale so I have no idea if I've actually lost weight.
but that was never the end goal - the goal is to get into better shape.
and to fit into my favorite jeans.
so far, so good......


  1. I guess I shouldve read this post first before commenting on the other one! haha. That moment when the love notices is the best part! My husband noticed my working out last week and I got so excited!!

  2. Good job! My husband said he thought he noticed something about me was different...but he looked a little more perplexed than optimistic. Hmm. Will Jillian and I have a date tonight, perchance? =)

  3. @ K - thanks for stopping by! yes loves when the Babe compliments! makes it so worth it! and at least he's lookin @ me and not the TV!!!

    @Mindy - lol! you are too funny girl! i'm sure you look great already!!! did you manage to have a date? how'd it go?


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