I said YES!!!!

to the dress that is.....
today I had the kind of day that women dream of their entire lives.
Bridal gown shopping.
With 3 of my bridesmaids, my mother, my god-mother, my future mother  and sister-in-law and one of my good friends.
Taking a cue from one of my FAVORITE show's I invited them all to come with me as I tried on gowns.
Also, it was a great way to have the girls try on their dresses
as one of my maids doesn't live here anymore (boo) and just some good quality girl time!
Since one of my maids also happens to be my neighbor she just came over to my house and rode with Sweet Pea and I to the store.
Now, I should preface this by saying :
I went dress shopping already.
My beauty boo and I went during the summer and picked out a dress that I felt good in, fit with the then venue, theme and color scheme.
And it had since gone on sale so surely that was a sign right?
In the meantime I had been still perusing magazines and websites occasionally glancing as dresses that struck my fancy.
So I marked down a few.
Noted the style numbers and thought 
"I'll just try these on as well so I can see. I mean it won't hurt anything."
Because I had been to this particular store previously, they had a whole list of 'other' dresses I had tried before.
But I was having none of that.
Barring my previous fav I was only interested in trying on the new ones I had jotted down.
So I come out in the first dress and they all say it's pretty but no one is bowled over.
2nd dress: the sales lady grabs a veil and hair piece similar to what I want to wear and puts on and I walk out.
Gasps all around.
I look in the mirror and smile.
It's simply beautiful.
Not too fussy or ornate.
Subtle but still.....
Holy Splendid Matrimony Batman!
 Slightly more than I wanted to spend though.
No worries.
On to dress # 3
again with the gasping and the loving of the silhouette! 
then its dress # 4 my previous fav:
no one is moved.
"it's pretty but.....it just doesn't have IT"
 I look back at it (well myself in the mirror) and cant help but agree.
It's not 'special' enough.
And with the change in venue and color scheme the occasion demands something with a little more......'ooomph'
Razzle -Dazzle if you will.
So I go back into dress # 3 and we like it.
we like it a lot.
BUT - there is some detailing at the top that hits just at that awkward spot under my arms
and it bugs.
but it's really pretty
then back to dress #2 
I put it on and felt like Carrie in the "Sex in the City Movie" in the Vivienne Westwood dress -
totally different than what I had previously imagined myself in
but subsequently suited me to a T
We all agreed - this was THE dress.
The only problem was - it was over what I had anticipated.
Not impossible. just more
But this is my day.
I am only doing it once.
And I felt beautiful in it.
Ready to walk down an aisle and marry a man!
So with that -
I said a resounding YESSSSS!!!!
to dress #2

I wish I could share the pictures as they got some pretty funny ones of me 'posing'.
I'm talking 'muscle man' and ' ANTM' nonsense.
oh yeah.
it went down.

After all that shopping of course we were starving!
So we hit up El Torito to get our chips n' salsa on.

Super fun day with a fabulous group of ladies!!!!


  1. YAY!!! So glad you found your dress :) I'm sure it's beautiful and I know you're going to be just GORGEOUS on your big day!
    Can't wait to see what it looks like!


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