do little dance......

because it's tuesday
and I have a list of things I am looking forward to this month!
like to hear it?
here we go:
  • I have Yoga this evening with my Boo's whom I adore. sigh. Namaste. it is MUCH needed after several weeks of needing to re-schedule......
  • It's Valentine's week!!! I love love. always have and being in love and on the way to matrimony is just bliss in my mind. I don't usually do a big "to-do" for Valentine's around my house; maybe just a candle here and there but this year I've decided to 'spruce up the house' with little bits of 'love' everywhere! Something about seeing all these random decorations cheers my soul.
  • We are going to visit two potential wedding venues this weekend!!! Hooray!!! 
  • Club Wedd- $20 gift certificate if we start our registry with 10 items.....Watch out TARGET here we come!

  • Also going on our FABULOUS dinner date here on Saturday evening!
    SO excited!We have a whole day planned just for Babe & I and I'm really happy to be having some QT!! thanks to the M.I.L for looking after the Sweet Pea

  • A lovely friend (who shares my name) and I are going to venture into the wonderful world of paper and appraise our D.I.Y. invitation cost 
  • I'm going wedding dress shopping!!! I mentioned here that my dress was on sale so I made the appointment, called all my girls and we are off for a day of bridal bliss on the 28th!!!!
  •  I started a new workout this week and am actually enjoying it. Not as much jumping around but still feeling the "burn". good stuff.
 What's good with you all???
Any fun Valentine's plans for your loved ones?


  1. OH Jillian Michaels! haha. She's a killer...what is no more trouble zones like? I havent heard as much about that one as 30 day shred.


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