2 Left Shoes

So, the summer before last (2008)  Babe, Sweet Pea and I went to a graduation party for his best friend's (M) little brother (S)
(got that?)
Babe and M have been BFF for a million years and I've known them all since we were in college over 10 years ago (what?!!! that can't be right)
So back at the party..........
I was enjoying the yummy margarita's that S's friend was hooking up as well as all the delicious eats while chatting with the family and singing along to the records the DJ was spinning- when nature called.
After a quick trip to the bathroom I returned to the kitchen to discover two chicks hanging out around the blender.
Figuring they were waiting for a re-fill I offered to go get the bartender/dj of the evening.
He was busy so we improvised.......
and the rest , as they say, is history.
two (or four) shots later we are giggling and talking like we have known each other for years!
These girls were my soulmates!
They liked yoga, margaritas and going to the beach.
Then I found out the "one with the boobs" had two daughters around Sweet Pea's age.
Yaaay! Friends!
We exchanged email info and I left the party all a-glow as I had made new friends
(this is a rare treat for me)
I had just been lamenting to Babe how none of my 'really close friends' lived close by and I wished "I had someone to at least do yoga  with!"
Be careful what you wish for!A few days later I get an email from
"the girls in the kitchen"  to join them for yoga!
Next thing I know, I'm attending Ya's birthday and we have been doing weekly yoga sessions ever since.
These girls are
fun , laughter, silliness, giggles and gossip personified.
I love them so much!
Talk about comedic geniuses!!
When we get together we burn more calories laughing than with an actual workout,
and sometimes we're definitely not all taking the same class
but I wouldn't have it any other way.
These chicks are : honest, funny, genuine, open, not afraid to laugh at themselves
and best of all.....they are MY friends!!!
Best party favor I ever got:
Yanina &Marissa
my yoga boo's for LIFE!!!!


  1. Don't you love it when things just 'click'? Sounds like you have made some special friends. I need to get me some yoga friends...all of mine like to get together and eat. Hmmm. =)


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