Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday Funday

Today is Sunday Funday!!!!
and I certainly had a fun day which you can read all about HERE.
but right now it's time for 
"Getting To Know You"!!!!
(insert raucous applause here)
brought to you by

To play..Grab the questions..copy them..answer them..then come back to Keely's page  and link on up..

The questions..

1. Would you rather bungee jump or sky dive?
ummm neither thank you.
I'd like to keep my neck and body intact thanks.
2. When using a public restroom to you squat over the seat or sit?
hover for sure.
of course only after I've laid down about 3 layers of seat cover. can't sit. ever.
i'm getting itchy thinking about it. 
3. Favorite flower?
I love tulips but don't know that they are my favorite.....
I think I like most flowers. It just all depends on how they are arranged 
4. Pedicure or manicure?
I don't have the patience to sit and wait for my nails to dry.
much easier to sit in a massage chair whilst someone rubs your feet
5. How many siblings do you have?
solo uno hermano.
just my brother. 
he's older. lives in georgia.
very sarcastic.
i think he's funny. :) 
6. Do you pee in the shower? (gasp!)
this is funny.
i have before when i really had to go and was already wet. 
have you ever tried to sit on a toilet while wet?
so not safe.
but it's not something I practice regularly.
7. Bikini, tankini, or one piece?
I work damn hard to wear it too and will do it with pride for as long as I can.
Until it becomes unsightly.
I wouldn't mind finding a really dope one piece or tankini I loved that looked good on ME,
I would totally rock those too.
8. Where do you hate to shop at, but go there anyway?
Sad to say but ......Walmart.
wayyy too crowded. 
way too many random, questionable folks and just all around clutter everywhere!
I can't shop like that!!

I said YES!!!!

to the dress that is.....
today I had the kind of day that women dream of their entire lives.
Bridal gown shopping.
With 3 of my bridesmaids, my mother, my god-mother, my future mother  and sister-in-law and one of my good friends.
Taking a cue from one of my FAVORITE show's I invited them all to come with me as I tried on gowns.
Also, it was a great way to have the girls try on their dresses
as one of my maids doesn't live here anymore (boo) and just some good quality girl time!
Since one of my maids also happens to be my neighbor she just came over to my house and rode with Sweet Pea and I to the store.
Now, I should preface this by saying :
I went dress shopping already.
My beauty boo and I went during the summer and picked out a dress that I felt good in, fit with the then venue, theme and color scheme.
And it had since gone on sale so surely that was a sign right?
In the meantime I had been still perusing magazines and websites occasionally glancing as dresses that struck my fancy.
So I marked down a few.
Noted the style numbers and thought 
"I'll just try these on as well so I can see. I mean it won't hurt anything."
Because I had been to this particular store previously, they had a whole list of 'other' dresses I had tried before.
But I was having none of that.
Barring my previous fav I was only interested in trying on the new ones I had jotted down.
So I come out in the first dress and they all say it's pretty but no one is bowled over.
2nd dress: the sales lady grabs a veil and hair piece similar to what I want to wear and puts on and I walk out.
Gasps all around.
I look in the mirror and smile.
It's simply beautiful.
Not too fussy or ornate.
Subtle but still.....
Holy Splendid Matrimony Batman!
 Slightly more than I wanted to spend though.
No worries.
On to dress # 3
again with the gasping and the loving of the silhouette! 
then its dress # 4 my previous fav:
no one is moved.
"it's pretty just doesn't have IT"
 I look back at it (well myself in the mirror) and cant help but agree.
It's not 'special' enough.
And with the change in venue and color scheme the occasion demands something with a little more......'ooomph'
Razzle -Dazzle if you will.
So I go back into dress # 3 and we like it.
we like it a lot.
BUT - there is some detailing at the top that hits just at that awkward spot under my arms
and it bugs.
but it's really pretty
then back to dress #2 
I put it on and felt like Carrie in the "Sex in the City Movie" in the Vivienne Westwood dress -
totally different than what I had previously imagined myself in
but subsequently suited me to a T
We all agreed - this was THE dress.
The only problem was - it was over what I had anticipated.
Not impossible. just more
But this is my day.
I am only doing it once.
And I felt beautiful in it.
Ready to walk down an aisle and marry a man!
So with that -
I said a resounding YESSSSS!!!!
to dress #2

I wish I could share the pictures as they got some pretty funny ones of me 'posing'.
I'm talking 'muscle man' and ' ANTM' nonsense.
oh yeah.
it went down.

After all that shopping of course we were starving!
So we hit up El Torito to get our chips n' salsa on.

Super fun day with a fabulous group of ladies!!!!

Friday, February 26, 2010

fill in the blank Friday!!!!

doing a little blog stalking this morning and noticed Keely linked up to Lauren over at The Little Things We Do for  "Fill in the Blank Friday".
naturally I wanted to play a long as this reminds me of my Mad Libs days.....
If you want to join in, fill in the blanks, post them on your blog, and then link back here using the McLinky at the end of this post (or...fill it in in the comment section).  Easy peasy lemon squeezy!  SO....

Here are this week's blanks!
1.  When I'm nervous I play with my hair, earrings or otherwise fidget. start talking really fast

2.  My favorite item in my closet is    so many shoes, so few places to wear them! however, right now - i'm loving my carlos santana gladiator wedges even though it's too cold to wear them just yet!

3.       reading a book, having a glass of wine, catching up on Realhousewives   is my favorite thing to do when I need to relax.

4.  My favorite childhood memory is     so many! spending lazy summers at my Grandparents. going to the Cayman Islands and Jamaica w/ my dad & brother. getting brand new scooters for Christmas, getting my Cabbage Patch doll.......the list goes on

5.  Something you may not know about me is    i'm terribly shy and have terrible fear of 'making small talk' with people I hardly know. oh and I have major food issues. I don't like it to touch or 'mix' together. or wet cake so no ice cream cake for me!

6.  A true friend      will let you borrow their shoes, car and favorite pair of jeans. tell you if your butt looks big or if you sound/look stupid. and love you no matter what!

7.  Something I hope people think of when they think of me is   that I care. and that I have a completely warped sense of humor. or that I'm funny. 

See how easy that was?
Link up and play along!!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

whats in a name

that's a question on my mind as of late.
It just occurred to me the other day while signing my purchase receipt
" I'm going to have a whole new last name"
It was a weird feeling and bizarre thought to have.
Not bizarre as in unusual but bizarre in that I have been ME for 30 years.
Same 3 initials.
Perfected scrawled signature.
Suddenly after one day in July, I will be a whole new person.
A "Mrs."
No longer 'just me'.
Everything must be changed. 
Driver's license, Insurance, bank accounts, passport.....etc.
I had a friend ask if I was going to take Babe's name or hyphenate and I promptly replied "take his name".
And frankly, I think she was a little shocked.
a) because I responded so quickly
b) not a lot of women are doing that these days
It never occurred to me not to.
When I was younger ( in my late teens and early 20's) I said I would hyphenate for "work purposes".
Just because I thought it "looked cool"  ( a la Mary Higgins -Clark) 
and I didn't want to be deemed 'old-fashioned'
Nowadays though - 
I realize that while I'm all about doing things 'outside the box' and 'breaking the norm'
I'm still pretty old-school when it comes to certain things.
Like taking my husbands last name.
(And let me tell you I can't wait to bust out that little gem...."my hussssband" )
There are several rational reasons to do this:
1) makes going to the bank a whole lot easier " no that's me on the ID. Yes I have a new last name. No I'm not changing it."
2) we will all have the same last name. 
this is very important to me.
it sucks to participate in your kid's classroom and watch the teacher struggle with what to call you.
or be called by the wrong name!
We are a family and our name should reflect that!
3) I don't have a problem being "Mrs. D." and it flows better than "Mrs. C-D"
 wayyy to many options for mispellings.

However, it will definitely take some getting used to not to ignore it when someone says " Mrs. D" and think they are talking to Babe's mother.

I'm gonna have to work on a whole new signature!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

what it do Wednesday

where to begin.
there is so much swirling in my mind right now!
I have so many things I want to write about but can't seem to gather any of them into a cohesive post. 
that bothers me a bit.
***I've given myself a goal for next month to write EVERYDAY. 
it doesn't have to be profound or super long but I must write something. every. single. day.
how will I ever get to be a published author if I don't practice?
so that is my goal and I will do my best to stick with it.
****I have found some really cool blogs to cyber stalk 
like this bit of Party Loveliness - ridiculous amount of FABULOSITY ( yeah I'm stealing Kimora's word)
I want to have a 'themed' party right now!
We're even 'borrowing' her Candy Topiary shown HERE to use as a centerpiece for the kid's table at the reception! Thanks Jessica!
and this super cuteness how amazing is there proposal and story!??!!
LOVE it! can't wait to see how it all comes together for her!
Not to mention this uber inspirational blog - seriously such great ideas!
thanks to both Melissa Munding and Melissa Brandman for hipping me to this!
(because I needed another distraction)
Maybe our wedding can be featured on there one day!

****this wedding has slowly been taking over our lives.
not a night has gone by that we have not spent massive amounts of time in front of the computer, updating guest info, updating the website (as soon as its finished I'll post a link here!), deciding on favors and flowers, hotel rooms and more!
good great googly moogly!
but I have to say I am LOVING how helpful my Babe has been.
Jumped right in with both feet and is getting his wedding planning ON!
 I finally feel like we are making some headway on this and that is a HUGE relief.

***This weekend I'm going dress shopping!!!!  I am SO excited about that!
Me and about 7-8 of our female family members and wedding party will be rolling out to narrow down my 'Bridal Style'.
Seriously. So. Excited.
I hate trying on clothes but am really looking forward to this!
good friends + great occasion = good times all around!

*** Last night I made this.
Talk about YUM!
I am notorious for taking chicken out for dinner but not knowing what I'm going to do with it.
so yesterday I headed over to the trusty to see what they had to offer that would be quick and delicious.
10 minutes later - I settled on Pesto Chicken Florentine
One of Babe's B.F.F's came over to join us
- which was super fun as it's usually just the 3 of us day in and day out -
and to be a 'guinea pig' of sorts since this was my first try at this recipe.
And it was a hit!
The guys gobbled it up and so did Sweet Pea!
And the B.F.F brought over a delicious bottle of wine that complimented the meal perfectly!

the weather has been out of control here. 80 degrees one day 60 and raining the next.
get it together California!

*** picked up the new In Style Weddings and am so happy I did.
this magazine is chock full of ideas and websites to make it happen!!
they have info on everything from flowers & favors to name changing documents!
What a blessing!
Thanks In Style!

What's it doing on YOUR Wednesday?

Thursday, February 18, 2010

2 Left Shoes

So, the summer before last (2008)  Babe, Sweet Pea and I went to a graduation party for his best friend's (M) little brother (S)
(got that?)
Babe and M have been BFF for a million years and I've known them all since we were in college over 10 years ago (what?!!! that can't be right)
So back at the party..........
I was enjoying the yummy margarita's that S's friend was hooking up as well as all the delicious eats while chatting with the family and singing along to the records the DJ was spinning- when nature called.
After a quick trip to the bathroom I returned to the kitchen to discover two chicks hanging out around the blender.
Figuring they were waiting for a re-fill I offered to go get the bartender/dj of the evening.
He was busy so we improvised.......
and the rest , as they say, is history.
two (or four) shots later we are giggling and talking like we have known each other for years!
These girls were my soulmates!
They liked yoga, margaritas and going to the beach.
Then I found out the "one with the boobs" had two daughters around Sweet Pea's age.
Yaaay! Friends!
We exchanged email info and I left the party all a-glow as I had made new friends
(this is a rare treat for me)
I had just been lamenting to Babe how none of my 'really close friends' lived close by and I wished "I had someone to at least do yoga  with!"
Be careful what you wish for!A few days later I get an email from
"the girls in the kitchen"  to join them for yoga!
Next thing I know, I'm attending Ya's birthday and we have been doing weekly yoga sessions ever since.
These girls are
fun , laughter, silliness, giggles and gossip personified.
I love them so much!
Talk about comedic geniuses!!
When we get together we burn more calories laughing than with an actual workout,
and sometimes we're definitely not all taking the same class
but I wouldn't have it any other way.
These chicks are : honest, funny, genuine, open, not afraid to laugh at themselves
and best of all.....they are MY friends!!!
Best party favor I ever got:
Yanina &Marissa
my yoga boo's for LIFE!!!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

time out on Tuesday

thought today I would take a little time out for relfection
it's only February and I feel like the year is zooming by already!
so much has happened and yet there is still so much to occur!
I'm feeling a bit introspective this week and that's a good thing as I have been SO outside of myself for the past few weeks it hasn't really felt like my life.
more like I was an active participant in someone elses life.
weird. I guess.
or I'm just going through something
all plausible explanations
Saturday was honestly the first day I've really felt like 'myself' the whole day.
there have been moments here and there but never really an all day thing.
I think because we were so focused on figuring things out and working together it forced me to be in the moment.
which is always a good thing.
and spending time at home. being still. enjoying my space is also a good thing
that I just haven't been doing much of.
busy little bee I've been. always flitting from one thing to the next.
kind of afraid of what feelings come along with me focusing on any one thing for too long.
Is that weird? 
that I don't necessarily want to explore the feelings I've been holding in/back?
right now. it's too painful.
I have yet to 'fully recover' and am not sure that I ever will.
I know that I will 'get through' 
but when do I get to 'come out on the other side feeling better than ever'????
I am OVER it.
this is not my 'norm' or my 'nature' to be blue, melancholy or 'down' but it has become my mental state.
and I am steady trying to shake it.
I have a lot to look forward to:
spring is in the air (at least in Cali)
my baby is turning 8 next month :0
we will have officially been engaged for a year next month on my BFF's 30th bday :)
and in 152 short days I will be marrying my other best friend!

so I guess not so melancholy afterall?

Monday, February 15, 2010

wicked awesome - the Valentine's Day edition

that pretty much sums up my weekend.
I had a great time with Babe 
Saturday we had planned to spend the WHOLE day in a "wedding state of mind" 
Thanks to my future M.I.L -
who was keeping an eye on Sweet Pea for us.
We planned to:
visit some venues
grab some lunch
enjoy a grown up dinner
and head home
the day got off to a rocky start as we were running behind
(as someone couldn't decide what to wear/ someone else took too long in the shower )
so that kind of set me on edge a bit as I despise being late!
but never-the-less we headed out anyway
excited about what we may find!
While at the first location Babe and I were thoroughly impressed with not only the facilities but the onsite staff.
Their level of professionalism and presentation was absolutely stupendous.
I knew I was hooked as soon as we walked in
and as the entertainment specialist demonstrated everything from our grand entrance to our first dance......
I looked back at Babe and saw him begin to swoon.
well as much as man of 6 ft. can/will allow himself to be carried away :)
The rest of the place was just as spectacular with breathtaking views, trickling fountains and rustic courtyard.
We were able to meet with the couple who own the facility, where the husband also happens to be the head chef! 
As we were discussing food options, they were more than willing to customize a menu that is tailor made for our wedding extravaganza!
That just lifted my spirits as I'd already comprised on my 'vision' once before.
The next thing to discuss were the numbers.
Not really my area of expertise.
I always say that Babe is my CFO and I mean it!
But he had already worked the numbers out in his head so when the owner came up with the 
estimated total my man didn't even flinch!
He just nodded his head and said "Okay".
"okay. what do you need from us now?"
and that was that!
Paying for it might be a bit of a struggle but we are putting it in God's hands and know that He will allow us to "find a way" or "make one".
We walked out of there knowing that if we choose to go with this facility our wedding would be AWESOME
and everything we had envisioned would come to life.
I knew as we were pulling away that Babe was sold and as he looked at me and was selling ME on the place it became even more clear.
This was our wedding venue.
Everything happens for a reason 
and if Rancho Capistrano hadn't been closing we wouldn't have even glanced at this place 
(who's name shall remain a secret until the contract is signed)
so it must be kismet!!
Truth be told - we skipped out on viewing the second venue.
No need to go see something when your heart is already sold on another location!
Instead we headed over to Old Town Pasadena for a quick bite at Johnny Rockets
and then off to Register!!!
So our first stop was here:

The ever lovely Crate & Barrel
I am such a huge fan of this store.
Babe is too.
90% of the store is very much "our style" in that it's fun and functional and has a  modern edge with a classical twist.
Being able to go through the store and pick out a bunch "wants" and lots of "needs" was pretty much the icing on the cake of my already spectacular day!
My job was to browse the list they gave us and point to things that should be on it and Babe's job was to scan them and enter quantities.
Super fun.
Especially when faced with vases, plates, serving trays, tablecloths and napkin rings and much more!!
Since we already have most of the basics (i.e. pots & pans) we decided to focus more on things that would enhance our home such at this  and this -as we LOVE to entertain.
and I definitely see a lot more dinner parties in our future!
After C&B we wandered around Old Town for a bit just enjoying each other and cracking jokes.
We then made our way to Registry #2

Now ,there are people out there who will say:
" Two registries!!!? That seems a bit much! Isn't that just being greedy?"
Yes and No.
The idea of registering for gifts assuming that folks will buy them is greedy but we do it anyway.
Besides - who doesn't love stuff from Target?
 I have had so many people come up to me and ask when the registry is going to be done it's like they want to know what to get us!
And when you have people spread out all over the country you want to make it easy for them!
But I digress......
Target was just as much fun as Crate & Barrel.
Towels, sheets, bath co-ordinates.....oh my!!
All the cuteness that I could stand in a 45min period.
After that it was off to our YUMMY dinner at
The Melting Pot !!!
Talk about a romantic dinner!
Babe and I scored a table on "Lover's Lane" and had a quaint & cozy little booth just for the two of us!
Our waiter was super personable and made the whole experience that much more interesting.
For those that have never been or heard of the Melting Pot - it's a fondue restaurant where you are able to cook your own food right at the table and there is an array of yummy cheeses to choose from!
But do not be deceived! It's not just cheese!
There's meat too!!!
And chocolate!
As it was almost Valentine's day we had a specialized four course menu that was divine!!
We enjoyed every single part and were stuffed silly by the time we left.
I was so happy to spend the day with my Babe just laughing and carrying on, while planning for our future and giggling about our past.
We came home to a sleeping Sweet Pea and hearts that were filled to bursting with love.
Annnnnd thennnnnn............
Sunday - we awoke to a barfy Sweet Pea. :(
she did not feel good and spent the day alternating from her bed to the floor.
By mid-afternoon Babe carried her downstairs to the couch so she could watch
"Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs" with her Papa and Daddy while I cooked dinner.
By the time dinner was done and the movie was over she was out cold.
So Dad, Babe and I enjoyed a lovely dinner of P.W's Chicken Parmigiana, garlic bread, steamed veggies
and lemon cake.
Dad also brought over some Martini & Rossi Asti so we indulged in a little bubbly to kick the week off right!

What were y'all up to this weekend?

10 things I love about him

Happy Valentine's Day!!!
I wanted to join in on Mama M's Valentine's Extravaganza today as it is "10 thing I love about my love!"

and this is perfect timing after the day we had yesterday.
But more about that later.....

10 Things I love about Babe
  • the way you finish my sentences before I can get the words out.
  • the way he plays with our Sweet Pea. His unabashed love and playfulness make parenting a breeze
  • he ALWAYS kisses me goodnight.
  • he's seen ALL of me. and he still loves me. and wants to marry me. that says a lot.
  • the way he takes care of me and our family. 
  • he always helps around the house and does the dishes after I cook dinner. 
  • he makes the bed because he knows it makes my day to come home to that. 
  • he thinks I'm beautiful. 
  • he has the best sense of humor! and he gets all my jokes. even if he doesn't think they are funny!
  • his conviction to who he is and what he believes in. he is a strong, supportive and intelligent man and I can't wait to be his wife!!!!
What do YOU love about your man?

MckLinky Blog Hop

    Friday, February 12, 2010

    Finally 5Q Friday!!!!

    T-G-I-freaking -F y'all!
    It has been  loooong week.
    and I am ready to throw in the towel!
    but first - it's time for a little Five Question Friday with Mama M!

    Copy and paste the following questions to your blog post, answer them, grab the blog hop code (if you'd like) and link up!
    We'd be your best friends if you'd link back to Mama M when you're done!!!

    So let's get started shall we?

    1. What is the one thing your love does for you that you can't live without?
    he gets up w/ Sweet Pea in the mornings on the weekend. it seriously makes all the difference in my personality of me sleeping just few more minutes. he also loves me inspite of all my flaws and idiosyncrasies. and I have more than a few believe you me.
    and he does the dishes. a chore i despise and for that- I will marry him. well that and about a million other reasons but that's pretty high up here on the list!!!!

    2. When did you know your love was "the one"?
    thats a good question. I knew before we were ever 'together' that he would be in my life forever. I just wasn't sure how that was going to work out. once we started dating it was pretty much a given from the start that we wanted this to be IT. and when we broke up - I still knew deep down that we should/would be together. so glad I finally came to my senses!!!
    3. Does your love have a special ringtone on your cell?
    he most certainly does! how else will  I know it's him and dive for the phone?
    it changes every so often; a long time ago it was the theme song to Dora the Explorer (Sweet Pea liked that) and last month it was "Addiction" by Ryan Leslie and right now it's "Give it to me right" by Melanie Fiona. Am thinking of changing it to "Said & Done" by Mary J. Blige next...
    4. What are you attracted to most in your special someone?
    ohh there are so many things! first of all his warped sense of humor. gets me everytime. even when i'm angry i still smile at his non-sense! and his big bear hugs are awesome. that fact that I feel dwarfed in comparison to him makes me happy and his smile is quite extraordinary!
    and his hands. love them. especially when they are holding mine.

    5. Did you know when/where he/she was going to pop the big question?
    I consider myself very perceptive 9 times out of 10. partially because I am nosy as HELL and always want to know whats going on. and believe me I was on the lookout!!!
    but when it came right down to it......completely oblivious. and I'm glad.  even though the whole day I kept thinking it was such a lovely place for a proposal or wedding. it was the best surprise EVER!!!

    now go forth and celebrate your love!

    MckLinky Blog Hop

    Wednesday, February 10, 2010

    wednesday wrap up

    ahhh wednesday hump day!
    made it halfway through another week!
    I tell you these days just keep flying by!
    good grief - it will be July before I know it!

    so here's a quick 3 for 3pm on Wednesday :)

    ***The Color Purple is playing now through February 28th at the Pantages Theater in Hollywood.
    I really would like to go see it but alas, it's not really in the budget.
    But please, if it's in yours go see it!!

    **** as much as we Californians complain about the rain and cold I'd much rather be here than here
    ***** Tonight we're having :Chicken with White Wine Sauce, Mushrooms and crumbled bacon
    it can be found here:
    I started the crock pot this morning so when I get home all I have to do is whip up some yummy sides and dinner is served!

    Happy Hump day!

    Tuesday, February 9, 2010


    the craziness of the last few weeks have wreaked havoc on my workout routine.
    when I had to go out of town abruptly that threw me off. 
    then I caught a cold upon return and the fact that I couldn't bend my head past my chin on my chest cost me another few days.
    By the time I felt half-way 'normal' - I discovered "On Demand" had deleted my 30 day Shred 2 & 3!!!1
    What the heck!
    Now I'm forced to look for a new workout that will offer as much of a challenge in the same amount of time!
    After several minutes of scrolling I finally located yet another crazy Jillian Michaels workout :
    "No More Trouble Zones"
    and I am loving it.
    yes it hurts like crap when I try to sit down but I know in the end......when I shimmy into my jeans or slip into that bikini on our honeymoon I will feel confident about my body.
    and that's all I'm really looking for.....
    Now I have to admit that about halfway into the 2nd week I hit a wall. 
    I did NOT want to get up in the morning and go get all sweaty while Babe lay cozily in bed snoring peacefully.
    I did NOT want to feel like my lungs were going to burst, my heart explode and my legs shake like jello.
    no that wasn't my idea of a good time.
    but I committed myself and I put it out for the world to see here so I figured I beter stick with it lest someone should ask me about and I have to come up with a quick response!
    so I did it.
    I pushed through.
    and you know what? 
    two weeks into my new routine - Babe stopped me one morning and said
    "You look good. Really good."
    that made my day.
    and got me over that wall. 
    I finally felt as though I was making progress - he could see it.
    Now I do not own a scale so I have no idea if I've actually lost weight.
    but that was never the end goal - the goal is to get into better shape.
    and to fit into my favorite jeans.
    so far, so good......

    do little dance......

    because it's tuesday
    and I have a list of things I am looking forward to this month!
    like to hear it?
    here we go:
    • I have Yoga this evening with my Boo's whom I adore. sigh. Namaste. it is MUCH needed after several weeks of needing to re-schedule......
    • It's Valentine's week!!! I love love. always have and being in love and on the way to matrimony is just bliss in my mind. I don't usually do a big "to-do" for Valentine's around my house; maybe just a candle here and there but this year I've decided to 'spruce up the house' with little bits of 'love' everywhere! Something about seeing all these random decorations cheers my soul.
    • We are going to visit two potential wedding venues this weekend!!! Hooray!!! 
    • Club Wedd- $20 gift certificate if we start our registry with 10 items.....Watch out TARGET here we come!

    • Also going on our FABULOUS dinner date here on Saturday evening!
      SO excited!We have a whole day planned just for Babe & I and I'm really happy to be having some QT!! thanks to the M.I.L for looking after the Sweet Pea

    • A lovely friend (who shares my name) and I are going to venture into the wonderful world of paper and appraise our D.I.Y. invitation cost 
    • I'm going wedding dress shopping!!! I mentioned here that my dress was on sale so I made the appointment, called all my girls and we are off for a day of bridal bliss on the 28th!!!!
    •  I started a new workout this week and am actually enjoying it. Not as much jumping around but still feeling the "burn". good stuff.
     What's good with you all???
    Any fun Valentine's plans for your loved ones?

    Friday, February 5, 2010

    Five on Fiesta Friday

    Y'all know what time it is right?
    that's right.
    It's Five Question Friday with Mama M!
    The Fiesta edition!
    Why the Fiesta edition you ask? 
    Well....... it's Friday, 
    My Beloved and I are going out tonight -
    dinner and dancing with some friends to celebrate my dear friend Tiffany's 30th birthday!!
    I'm so excited! We've needed a night out! 
    Then Sweet Pea has a party to go to tomorrow and then it's Super Bowl Sunday!!!!
    Let's Go Saints!!!!! is indeed a Fiesta Friday!
    So let's get to the good stuff...................................

    1. What are you most afraid of?
    hmmmm......good deep thought provoking question.
    I guess my answer would be - being hurt/in an accident or whatever with my kid around and not being able to get to /help her. that makes my heart race.
    that and being conscious while suffocating, catching fire or drowning. the whole I'm trapped and I can't get out situation? NOT the business for me.

    2. Do you use a flat iron or curling iron?
    Flat iron most days. it takes way too much time and effort to put curls in.
    much easier to flat iron and give a little "movement" than go through a whole process.

    3. Hands-free or phone to the ear?
    both. I love my Blue-tooth. it's pink, cute and comfortable. I don't like having it in my ear and forgetting that it's there and wondering why I can't seem to hear as well as I normally do.
    I love to chat the 'old-fashioned' way but it's illegal and frankly, I can't afford the ticket!

    4. Do you have a matching bedroom set?
    sort of. We have a bed and a dresser. Never got around to purchasing the night stands or anything else.
    Maybe after the wedding? or someone can always "gift" us furniture as a wedding present. 
    that would be swell.
    5. Do you believe in the paranormal?
    As in Ghostbusters? not really.
    Angels?  yes absolutely.

    Have a Great Weekend Everyone!

    MckLinky Blog Hop

    Thursday, February 4, 2010

    viewings, venues, visits and more

    i am pooped.
    it's not even noon yet and I am ready to throw in the towel on this day.
    well this week really.
    can someone just blow that five o'clock whistle and let it be Friday already?
    After finding out THIS late Tuesday and reeling from the information I spent most of my day yesterday on a massive hunt for a new location.
    AND  last night I cooked dinner (spaghetti), folded laundry and got lunches together for today!
    So tonight I'm putting my feet up, pouring myself a cup of Sauvigon Blanc, setting up the laptop and getting my "game plan" together.
    this is a whole new ball game folks.
    Even though we budgeted for a certain total amount spent - I have to figure out if now this whole 'a la carte thing is going to be any more / less expensive than if we find a place that is "all -inclusive".
    It's all about the fine print don't ya know.
    I AM pretty excited about the emails I received yesterday -
    thank you all SO much for your encouraging words and your amazing ability to rally with new and better venues!
    I literally received dozens of emails from friends far and wide offering their assistance.
    Everyone from my god-sisters to my photographer has extended a helping hand! 
    My cup runneth over ladies.
    I cannot ask for better readers/friends.
    And the fact that you all have SO many good ideas and offered up some new and exciting options!
    Thank the Lord for y'all for saving me from the "okay where do I start" ordeal!
    We already have 3 appointments lined up for the next two weeks 
    (so much for a free and clear Sunday afternoon)
    and I'm super excited about all of them.
    I will remain ever faithful and confident that everything will work out smashingly.
    But there might be a small panic attack or two along the way......I can't make any promises.....

    Wednesday, February 3, 2010

    drama rama .....the story of my life

    Holy. Horror. Batman!
    Remember when I told y'all about my lovely h.s. friend Elisa and how fabulous she was in helping me to find a wedding location?
    yeah. that.
    well yesterday she sends me an  URGENT FB message to call her ASAP.
    and then she texts me.
    so I'm really concerned because this is unusual.
    so I call her.
    and she tells me what no bride ever wants to hear.
    the Rancho Capistrano is closing it's doors in 60 days.
    yes.60 days.
    Needless to say I was floored.
    Floored I tell you!
    No words would even come out!
    How the heck is this going to work itself out!????
    Apparently they are still offering to hold weddings but there will be
    hospitality staff
    on-site coordinator
    all of the things I paid for in my deposit.
    So now, 172 days before my proposed wedding date I have to scramble like crazy to find another location
    that is
    suitable for our tastes
    within our budget
    accommodates our wishes and that of our guests
    and fits in with our overall theme.

    where am I going to find a place in Los Angeles/Orange County/Inland Empire that fits those criteria??
    good grief!
    I'm trying not to panic.
    Much calmer than I was yesterday for sure but still antsy none-the-less.
    and praying.
    Just praying for some clarity on to why this happened and what we can do to make this a positive situation.
    until can find me on the internet.....scouting locations.

    Monday, February 1, 2010

    quickie wrap up

    this weekend went by all to quickly once again!
    We weren't running around too much but still had some things to do.
    I can't think in "proper sentence structure" this morning so I'm just going to do bullets.....

    •  Friday felt like I was coming down with a sinus infection so made sure to go straight home and get warm and cozy! My man even built me a fire and we cuddled while watching (read I fell asleep)"The Invention of Lying" with Ricky Gervais. Novel concept and made for an interesting movie
    • Saturday we attended a baby shower for our dear friends Monica and Alfred to welcome their new son Kingston!!!! Congrats to you guys!!!
    • After, we attempted to hit up one of our favorite places but were dismayed by the wait we got it to go! 
    • Sunday we hit up The Men's Warehouse to take advantage of their * Free Suit/Tux for the Groom deal.
    • That turned out to be a bit more complicated than I had anticipated  [simply because you just don't know how the colors (of the vests/ties - not the tuxes) will turn out with the color scheme you have in mind!] but it was an adventure none-the-less!
    • We have a lot coming up in the coming weeks and seems as if every Saturday this month is booked! Sheesh! How did that happen?
    • Plodding  along with the wedding planning. things are begining to come together and am really just trying to stay on task and be true to ourselves. and our pocketbooks. 
    • Speaking of "The Wedding" -the dress I was smitten with all  those months ago is still available and recently went on sale.$200 off from the original price.It must be a sign!!
    • We're going HERE for our 'pre-valentines' day dinner.So. Excited. Not only for the dining experience but for a date night with my man!!

    • Am still reeling from our loss but am finding comfort in my memories - which are suddenly so clear and vivid- and in keeping in touch with my far-flung family. 

    Happy Monday Everyone!!!!

    yours, mine, ours.......

    I was reading my Redbook over the weekend and was intrigued by a survey question they had in their.
    How is the money split? Separate accounts? One joint account and one joint savings?  Pay bills out of one account and use the other for "fun stuff"??

    Simple questions really but one that sends most soon-to-be-marrieds into a tailspin.
    the ever challenging, necessarily evil ; Money talk.
    Because it has to happen. 
    The union does not stop at the merging of the things and changing of the last name.
    Oh no, you have to work out your finances too.
     So needless to say we've been having the "money talk" as of late and it got me to thinking:
    How do you split up the money??

    I'm curious to see if my friends out there fall in with the "majority" of the Redbook readers sampled for this poll.


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